Thieves escaped with clean, blankets and wedding cards in printing press shop


Gohana (Sunil Jindal): In Gohana, Choro’s spirits are getting stronger. Where the incidence of theft is increasing continuously. The latest case is of the main market of Gohana where Choro broke the level of a printing press shop late night and escaped from the spot by clearing hands on cash of about 12 thousand besides blankets and wedding cards kept in the shop.

According to the information, the incident was detected in the morning when the people living around the shop saw that the lock of the sutter of the shop was broken. The shopkeeper, who arrived on the spot, told that he had closed his shop late at night and in the morning received a call from the shopkeeper living in Padosha that the locks of his shop were broken. Seeing the information, on going to the spot, he broke the lock of one side of the sutter and raised the sutter from there, and the thieves escaped with the cash and goods kept in the shop.

At the same time, shopkeepers of the place believed that a cloth shop was stolen in the same manner a week ago at this square. It is being told that incidents of theft are increasing in the city continuously. Due to which shopkeepers are demanding to increase police patrolling in the market at night. The police officer who reached the same spot refused to speak in front of the camera.


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