The woman said – the alcohol was raped, the court said – relationship with consent, case dismissed


Rohtak [Vineet Tomar] The court is adopting a tough attitude in relation to the young woman’s first consensual relationship with the young man and then for filing a rape case for any reason. We are not saying this, but the cases coming in the court of Rohtak from last few months. The accused are being acquitted by the court when the evidence is presented by the accused. Now another such case has come up.

In which during the hearing, the court said that seeing the photographs and other evidence presented before the court on behalf of the accused party, it does not appear that it is a case of rape. Seeing all the evidence, it seems that this matter is about love affair and a consensual relationship is formed between the two, which cannot be called rape. The court of Additional District and Sessions Judge RP Goel on Wednesday pronounced the judgment and acquitted the accused and his father in the rape case.

As per the case, a girl from Meham police station area complained to the police station in September 2017. The complaint stated that she was going to get water at her grandfather’s house. On the way, a boy from his village was found, who showed him a gun and frightened him and took him with him. The accused forced her to drink liquor and then misbehaved with her.

Accused of telling someone, he also threatened to kill his brother. The accused also raped her after this. The police registered a case against the accused by getting the victim medical and arrested him. A case was also registered in this case against the father of the accused, who was alleged to have given asylum to the accused. This case was under consideration in the court since then. On which the verdict was given on Wednesday. Let me tell you that this is not the first case, even before three to four such cases have been reported.

A woman in Sampala police station had some time ago complained that a young man named Ashoka befriended her and then took her to Kharkhauda hotel and raped her. In this case, photographs and videos were presented in court on behalf of the accused party. The court admitted that by looking at them, it does not appear that it is a case of rape. It seems that there is a consensual relationship between the two. After this, the court acquitted the accused on 18 September.

Last month, a woman hailing from a village in Hisar district had complained to the Meham police station that she was married in the Meham area. In April, she was going to Bhiwani to deliver the paper. During this time, a young man from his maternal uncle at the bus stand brought the car and gave him a lift for Bhiwani. Accused raped her on the way. An anticipatory bail petition was filed in this case on behalf of the accused. In this, the accused produced photographs in the court, in which the accused woman and youth were together. Argued that the woman had not been coerced. In view of the facts, the court granted anticipatory bail to the accused.


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