The rains drew worry lines on the foreheads of the farmers, demanding the government to make up for the loss


Jalandhar, In the district, due to rain for the last two weeks, two-three days of rains have started threatening the standing wheat crop in the fields. Due to the strong winds along with the rain, the lines of worry have been drawn on the foreheads of the farmers. The rains on the crop are once again taking the farmers towards the burden of debt. On the other hand, the agriculture department is talking about preparing a detailed report of the damage caused to the crop by rain.

The farmer of Kartarpur and the head of the Indian Farmers Union, Jasvir Singh LTTE, says that at this time the crop in the fields is fully ready. Harvesting is about to begin in the next two-three weeks. During this time, rain is a curse for the standing crop in the fields. There is a possibility of reducing one to two quintals of wheat per acre due to rain. Apart from this, the crop is not able to cut the crop completely at the time of harvesting due to the loss of crop in the fields. He appealed to the government to make up for the loss of wheat crop.

The quality of wheat grains is reduced due to rain

Lakhwinder Singh, a farmer of Lohian Khas, says that the process of planting melon starts these days. His work is running late due to rain. Delayed planting of melon crop will also affect its earnings. Selling the crop in water causes grains to turn black and their quality is affected. This affects the price of wheat at the time of sale, which breaks the back of farmers.

There is a possibility of loss in potato crop also

Mukesh Kumar, a farmer of village Rani Patti, says that due to rain, the work of cutting potatoes has been hanging in the balance. This time farmers have already reduced potato sowing. There is a possibility of loss in it due to rain. Water is difficult to harvest due to standing water in the fields.

Agriculture officer said – no major damage to crop due to rain

Agriculture officer Naresh Kumar Gulati says that due to the rain and the strong winds that accompany it, the wheat crop in the district has spread over some fields. It is not expected to cause any significant damage to the crop. Two to three days of continuous sunlight will dry up the water stored in the fields and the crop will become quite standing. He said that wheat crop has been planted on 1.70 lakh hectares of land in the district. Potatoes were planted in about 22000 hectares. Apart from this, melon cultivation is to be done on 5000 acres, the process of which will start late due to rain.


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