The organizers told Akshara Singh’s allegations were baseless, these allegations were Gorakhpur News


Gorakhpur, JNN. The allegation made by Bhojpuri film actress Akshara Singh for neglect at the Purvanchal Icon Awards held at the Syed Modi Railway Stadium in Gorakhpur on December 28, has been dismissed by the event director Amandeep Pal. Talking to reporters, he told that whatever problem occurred, the root cause of this was communication.

Advance was given

Responding to the allegation for not paying the prescribed fees, Amandeep said that Akshara was given Rs 50,000 as advance. The rest was agreed to be given before the show. Before the show, when he tried to give money through check, he demanded cash. When the bank was closed on Saturday, when he went to the hotel to collect the cash after his hard work, it was found that she had left the hotel without telling him.

His departure from the hotel just an hour before the show was unfortunate. Amandeep said that in the video, Akshara has said that she did not know about the venue, it is completely wrong because before the event, Akshara invited the audience through a video giving information about the venue.

These are the allegations of Akshara

Let me tell you that a day ago, Akshara released a video on YouTube, accusing the organizers of various kinds. In the video, she is seen saying that she reached Gorakhpur as per the schedule, but after coming here no one contacted her nor informed her about the venue. They were not given the prescribed fees.


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