The last time I had a smile with my father – we are badly caught in flames and the mobile is cut.


Chandigarh: A mini-circuit caught fire at a PG of Sector-32D at around 4 pm on Saturday while charging the laptop. The fire started in a room and spread rapidly. Due to which three girl students died. Hisar’s smile is also included among these girls. Muskan’s family lives near Gulati Hospital. She is the daughter of Advocate Rajiv Mehta from Hisar.

Muskan was an M.Com first year student at SD College in Chandigarh. Rajeev Mehta said that it was during the accident that daughter Muskan called her. She was saying, Papa, we are caught in flames. His call was cut off in a few seconds. She said that Muskan was living in a PG in Sector 32, Chandigarh. His younger brother is studying in Chandigarh.

He came to know about the accident in the late evening. After the accident, there is mourning in the family. According to the information received from the family, there will be a postmortem in the morning of Muskan and the other two deceased girls. It is said that a girl hid under the bed to escape the fire but she could not escape.


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