The girl who waved the poster of ‘Free Kashmir’ told- Why involved in the demonstration


MUMBAI : The woman, who protested during a protest rally at the ‘Gateway of India’ with a disputed poster saying “independence of Kashmir”, said she was merely seeking to lift the restrictions imposed in the union territory. He also claimed that the matter has been taken more seriously.

During the protest against the violence on Sunday night in the JNU campus, a woman had taken a poster of the message “Free Kashmir” after she demonstrated herself on the Gateway of India. Mahek Prabhus has apologized after the matter took the form of a controversy and started a war of speech between the ruling and opposition leaders, while the Maharashtra government ordered an inquiry into his “background”.

He said, “I apologize if I forgot to understand the impact of this and the controversy that led to it.” I am an artist who believes in human compassion. Hatred of the power of love should prevail. ”Many students, ordinary citizens and activists took part in a demonstration rally at the Gateway of India in South Mumbai.

In the video statement, Prabhus, a resident of Mumbai, said that through the poster, she was trying to shed light on the situation in Jammu and Kashmir where all the channels of communication were banned since her special status was revoked on August 5.

leader and former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis objected to his message of “independence of Kashmir” as soon as the photo of Nisha Nana Prabhu went viral on social media. “How can we tolerate such separatist elements in Mumbai,” Fadnavis said in a tweet late on Monday. Will tolerate the “anti-India campaign”.

Maharashtra minister Jayant Patil accused Fadnavis of misleading people “by misinterpreting words”. Expressing anger at the misinterpretation of the message by some people, Prabhu said that she was simply insisting on peace. But it was given another direction. Meanwhile, Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh said that the background of the woman was being investigated.


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