The game of death continues on the Gaza Strip, Israel is firing without mercy, the conflict has continued since 2008


Gaza City, Agency. Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip continues today for the third day. The death toll in the attack has crossed 26. Right now, it is likely to be war and progress. On Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned the terrorist organization. He warned the terrorist organizations that we will continue the attack without pity on them.


Eyes on the united states


Seeing the beauty of the occasion, the special envoy of the United Nations Nikolay Mladenov arrived in Cairo on Wednesday afternoon. In the past, the United Nations and Egypt also played an important role in mediating the previous ceasefire between Israel and Gaza-based militants. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Islamic Jihad should stop its Rockel attack.


He has said that if Islamic Jihad does not stop the attack, it will respond to the attacks without mercy. Meanwhile, Islamic Jihad spokesperson Musab al Bairam said that his commander has been killed. It is our goal to avenge that murder. He said that the group is not yet interested in mediation.


Schools closed due to war


On the other hand, this fresh war has brought life to a complete halt in Israel’s border areas, including Tel Aviv. Israeli schools and government establishments near Gaza have been completely closed. The exit of people has also been banned due to rocket attacks. There is no news of anyone being killed in the attacks by the terrorist group, but two people are definitely injured.


Three wars between Israel and the terrorists since the year 2008


Let us tell you that since 2008 there have been three wars between Israel and terrorists in Gaza. Earlier in May, the two sides clashed in Gaza City on the occasion of Israel’s 70th Foundation Day. 65 Palestinians died in this war. A large number of people demonstrated at the border in Gaza on the occasion of Israel Foundation Day. The same day, the US formally transferred its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This was followed by mass protests on the Gaza border. During the protests there was fierce clashes between the Israeli army and protesters on the Gaza border. In this conflict, about 65 Palestinians were killed by Israeli security forces.


Netanyahu’s special cabinet meeting


Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a special cabinet meeting that Israel is not interested in starting the fight, but we warn the Islamic Jihad that our airstrikes will continue until the rocket attacks stop. Will stay Netanyahu said that those who do this know that we will continue to attack them without mercy. They have only one option, either stop these attacks or be prepared for more and more attacks.


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