The driver got sleep while driving the car, what happened then


Bankhandi (Rajiv): A road accident occurred in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. Where a car rammed into the culvert and went uncontrolled. The collision was so strong that both the airbags of the car opened, which averted a major accident. It is being told that the car was going towards Dharamshala in Bankhandi on National Highway under Police Station area Haripur. There was no loss of life or property in this accident, but the front part of the car was completely damaged. According to information received from eyewitnesses, the accident occurred due to a slumber in the car driver.

The car went uncontrolled and collided with an electric pole and crashed into a straight road-side pulley. There were three people in the car, out of which one woman was seriously injured and the other 2 suffered minor injuries. The injured woman was given first aid in a private hospital in nearby Bankhandi with the help of local people. An ambulance also reached the spot in which the injured were taken to Civil Hospital Dehra after first aid.


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