The decision was taken by the bride when the party did not reach the lockdown


Kannauj: You may have heard of motorcycle and bicycle parades during the coronavirus lockdown. But in this case, due to the lockdown, the bridegroom was unable to take the party and the wedding date had passed. After which the bride traveled several kilometers and reached the groom’s house. Everyone was amazed to see this.

Virender, a resident of Vaisapur village under Talagram of Kanauj police station, was engaged to Goldie, daughter of Gorelal, a resident of Laxman Tilak village, Dera Mangalpur police station, Kanpur Dehat in border district. . In such a situation, the bridegroom did not arrive for the wedding and the marriage was postponed after the two families talked on the phone.

Even after the marriage was postponed, the bride and groom kept talking on the phone. The bride did not like the postponement and decided to go to the groom’s house. On Wednesday morning, she left for the groom’s house on foot in a salwar suit without telling anyone. She then walked about 60 km to Vaisapur Kannauj. The bridegroom and his family were surprised to see her outside the house late in the evening.

After which he asked the bride to go home and talked of arranging another date for the wedding but insisted and asked to get married at the same time. After which the family got the two married keeping in view the social distance. The bride and groom wore masks and went around and also wore each other’s garlands.


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