The car stopped for checking and the young man ran the policeman sitting on the bonnet for 2km … Video Viral


National Desk: A young man sitting at a traffic bonnet, kept the traffic policeman running the car for two kilometers at a high speed, and his friend was fearlessly making a video of this entire spectacle. This video is becoming quite viral on social media. The video is being told of Delhi and the police got into action as soon as it went viral. Delhi Police is getting all the information in this matter from the traffic police personnel so that action can be taken against the accused. Although the video is from November last year, but it is now going viral. Delhi Police has started investigating after the video went viral.

The traffic police at Nangloi Chowk in Delhi wanted to stop the car for investigation. The youths in the car, before intending to escape and teach the police a lesson, slowly drove the car and as soon as the traffic police officer got on the car, they ran it with speed. After this, the youths ran the car wildly and the soldier shouted to stop the car but it did not affect the youth. One young man kept driving and another made a video of the whole incident. The name of the traffic police officer is being described as Sunil. If this video does not come out, then probably no one would know about the incident that happened with that officer and he might not even be able to prove this.


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