The appeal of the girl child – don’t come out of the house or else Corona will win, PM shared video


National Desk: Against Corona Virus (covid-19) where doctors and nurses are taking care of patients day and night. Cleanliness of iSocial, sanitation workers and others are busy in sanitizing the roads. Amidst all this there are other warriors who are appealing to people on social media in a unique way to stay in their homes. PM Modi is also praising these warriors and is asking people to listen to them too. These are none other but Balayodha i.e. small children who are instructing people not to get out in their own way.

PM Modi has started the campaign of “Be Corona Warriors” and has uploaded a video on his official Twitter account as an example. In the video, a daughter is writing a letter to her father living in Mumbai and telling her that you stay where you are and that Corona will win if you get out. In the video, the girl is saying, “Dear Dad, I am not missing you at all, not even my mother.” No need to run away from Mumbai, stay where you are. If you get out, Corona will win but we have to defeat Corona… right? PM Modi has shared videos of children on his Twitter account giving many such messages. Let us know that PM Modi has done a 21-day lockdown in the country and appealed to the people to remain in their homes till April 14.


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