Test report of mother-son negative eye corona


Jagran Correspondent, Batala: Recently, a five-year-old child had complained of cough, cold and high fever in village Ahmedabad, who came from Italy. His corona virus test report has come negative. This was confirmed by Dr. Sanjeev Bhalla, SMO of Civil Hospital. He said that apart from this his mother and two experts were also tested. His report has also come negative. Wash hands 10-12 times a day to avoid corona

On the other hand, Corporation Commissioner Balvidar Singh held a meeting with administrative officials and employees regarding the corona virus. During this, Dr. Sanjeev Bhalla, Senior Medical Officer of Civil Hospital joined. He said that one need not fear the corona virus. Only one needs to be cautious in this. Wash your hands thoroughly 10-12 times a day. Put a mask on the mouth.

Instead of shaking hands with someone, use Namaste more and more. Protect yourself from dirt and soil. If someone has a cough, cold and fever, do not take it lightly. In this regard, they should contact the doctor of the nearby government clinic or government hospital. He informed the officials and staff that if they see any suspect in the city, inform it.


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