Teri Meri Ek Jindri 22 July 2021 Episode Written Update (22/07/2021)

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Teri Meri Ek Jindri 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Zee Tv “Teri Meri Ek Jindri 22 July 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Guru Ji Leaves

Air Date: 22 July 2021

Full Written Update: Teri Meri Ek Jindri 22/07/2021 Episode Start with

Guruji says he puts stock in Mahi. She will save Jogi from each destruction. Guruji says in a humble range he got appended to Jogi’s family. Guruji gives a music maker’s card to Mahi saying interestingly he helped one of his understudies as Jogi is extraordinary.

Mahi says thanks to him. Jogi gets vexed seeing Guruji needs to leave. Guruji says Jogi has picked up everything so quick that he didn’t need to contribute time behind him any longer. Jogi then, at that point shares Guruji implies a great deal to him. Actually like his dad. Guruji embraces him and favors him. Jogi tells a wisecrack saying he additionally needs to go with Guruji. Guruji says then Mahi will beat the two of them.

Seema gets invigorated reasoning Jogi will become hotshot very soon and afterward he will go for world visit. She says she will request costly shoes, fragrances from Jogi. Rupa advises her to unwind as nothing will occur incidentally. Seema says in the present age everything turns into a web sensation in a second. Exactly how Jogi became popular and his video got numerous preferences. Rupa says she doesn’t need Jogi to take pressure. Seema says Mahi is truly fortunate for Jogi’s family. Rupa gets stressed. Renu acclaims Jogi’s voice and gives the credit to Mahi. Rupa gets irritated. Jogi says he isn’t anything without Mahi.

Chanda discloses to Pappu that Mahi didn’t call her yet to tell about her choice with respect to the arrangement. One day is finished. Pappu says it will require some investment yet the arrangement will work without a doubt. Seema and Renu go into the house. Seema gets overexcited and advises Pappu that Jogi at long last chose to turn into an expert vocalist. Pappu behaves like he is glad for Jogi. Seema says she needs to rehearse how to give meets as Jogi will become star soon. Chanda later reveals to Pappu that they should visit tabela with Jagrata proposition.

Mahi meets music maker Baljeet. Baljeet says Guruji suggested Jogi, Jogi should be an extraordinary artist on account of whom Guruji broke his standards interestingly. Mahi shows Jogi’s video to Baljeet and the last gets dazzled hearing Jogi’s voice. He says however Mahi is Arjun’s ex so he can’t dispatch Jogi. Mahi gets stunned to hear that. She says why her previous will hamper Jogi’s vocation when Jogi is buckling down.

Baljeet answers Arjun runs the music business and he concludes who will be the forthcoming star. So Baljeet can’t face challenge by conflicting with Arjun. Baljeet says he was unable to deny Guruji straightforwardly yet now dismissing Jogi. Mahi’s own life is the explanation. Mahi believes Jogi’s vocation is in question on account of contention with Arjun. She leaves.

Mahi arrives at Tabela and sees Biji is conversing with Rupa about her elevated requirements, she says she will fix her home in the wake of getting rich. Mahi gets stressed reasoning now if Jogi doesn’t satisfy his fantasy everybody will get sorrowful. Pappu shows up with Chanda and advises Mahi to give one date of Jogi for acting in Jagrata. Mahi says she can’t choose at this moment. Pappu is inflexible and says he will not leave until Mahi masterminds one date. Mahi concurs and says tomorrow Jogi will perform for Jagrata.

Pappu gets cheerful and Chanda discloses to Mahi that numerous individuals will hear Jogi’s tune and she gets some information about her arrangement too. Chanda recommends Pappu to call Arjun in Jagrata as well. Jogi hears that and will not perform for Jagrata. He says he might never want to see Arjun’s face again. Mahi says they need to confront Arjun as he is getting hitched to Chanda and will turn into their family member. Jogi ought to fail to remember past disaster. Rupa and Biji alert Mahi that Pappu isn’t reliable, his genuine aim behind his grin is malevolent. He can deceive them.

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