Teri Laadli Main 7 April 2021 Episode Written Update (07/04/2021)

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Teri Laadli Main 7th Apr 2021 Written Episode Update, Star Bharat TV Serial “Teri Laadli Main 7 April 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Pratap Dies Trying To Kill Surendra

Air Date: 7 April 2021

Full Written Update: Teri Laadli Main 7/04/2021 Episode Start with Dadi with Urmila unfortunately trusts that Surendra and Yash will get back to commend her birthday. Surendra gets back vigorously intoxicated. Dadi and Urmila hurry to him and inquire as to whether Yash didn’t tag along. Bitti signals Urmila that he didn’t. Surendra spills his guts and says his child showed him out of his parents in law’s home. He strolls towards his and Yash’s photograph outline cautioning not to meddle among father and child.

He depicts how joyfully he moved for 4 hours when Yash was conceived and spent his entire month’s compensation in festival, how he got concerned when he tumbled from cycle when he was 5-year-old, how he satisfied every one of his obligations and forfeited his desires for his better future, however he turned into Pratap’s manikin and offended his dad. Daadi reminds its Yash’s photograph and not Yash. He says she will commend birthday even without Yash’s quality and making Daadi slice cake takes care of it to YTash’s photograph. He nods off holding pic. Bitti cleans his face injury applies medication to it.

Next morning, Bitti video considers Richa and signs her to carry Yash to sanctuary. Sakshi shows wedding dresses to Akshat and asks which shading will look great on her. Akshat envisions Bitti in dress and says all tones look pretty on her. Sakshi irately tosses her workstations saying she is Sakshi and not Bitti. Pratap seeing that thinks he needs to oust Bitti from Akshat’s life. Bitti takes Urmila to sanctuary. Urmila inquires as to for what reason did she bring her here rather than Yash’s in-law’s home.

Bitti signals that Richa will bring Yash here. Richa brings Yash there. Yash seeing Bitti and Urmila there asks what are they doing here. Richa requests that Yash figure out whatever occurred and goes inside sanctuary. Urmila defies Yash for offending his dad. Yash says he won’t ever get back after what dad did, yet then changes tone seeing Richa coming and says he will return home once Richa needs to. Bitti signals Richa to get back soon.

Surendra gets lemon juice by means of conveyance kid and asks who requested it. Yash video calls him and says he sent lemon juice to clear his aftereffect and inquires as to for what reason did he make a major show the previous evening, in the event that he doesn’t confide in his child. Pratap seeing that cautions Yash not to address squander individuals and focus on work, he ought to go with him to building site at the present time. Yash concurs and disengages call. Surendra exhaust seeing that and goes out to defy Pratap.

Pratap arrives at building site and settles on Yash decision Bitti there. Yash inquires as to for what reason did he call Bitti here. Pratap says Bitti is an obstacle in his life and he ought to gt free off her. Surendra comes to there and battles with Pratap for grabbing his child from him. Yash upholds Pratap. Bitti additionally arrives at scene and even Akshat heads towards it to get Pratap’s marks on certain records. Surendra junks Pratap severely. Pratap picks a stick and hits Surendra. Surendra hits divider and breakdowns. Pratap attempting to hit him again slips and tumbles from building. Somebody records their battle.

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