Tarn Taran’s 10-year-old baby paradise becomes an overnight star, everyone gets excited when they hear her voice


Tarn Taran: Born in a poor family of village Fatehabad, 10 year old girl Baby Jannat owns a wonderful voice. Everyone is mesmerized by the song sung in his voice. Some time ago, her cousin Jashan made a video of her singing and put it on tick-tock, then the song was followed by millions of people. After that he sang one song after another and put it on tick tock.

Jagdeep had immortalized the Bhopali culture through his role as Surma Bhopali in the film Sholay. With

this, Baby Jannat Nanni singer became a tick talk star overnight. Jannat has also garnered praise from millions of listeners with the magic of her voice, but now she is getting frustrated as the tick-talk has stopped.

Baby Jannat is asking the government to bring a good Indian app instead of tick-tock so that it can reach out to music lovers from that platform. Her brother is contributing to the success of Baby Jannat. Baby Jannat wants to grow up to be a famous singer.


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