Tara From Satara 26th Dec 2019 Episode Written Update (26/12/2019)


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Episode Name: Tara Saves Arjun

Air Date: 26 December 2019

Full Written Update: Tara From Satara 26/12/2019 Episode Start with

Paddy warns Tara that if she hasn’t selected a song, he will complain RT that she is not serious about competition at all. Tara nervously says she has and plays a random song on her tab. He hears it and asks if she is sure as she has to work really hard. Tara hears song Cheel Cheel chillake Dholak bajaye…song..and gets nervous thinking he may not be able to dance on this song even in 5 months. Arjun scolds Tara for selecting tough song.

Tara says she can focus on one thing at a time and something else was going in her mind. She walks to Rahul and asks where is Radhika. Rahul asks how does he know. She warns that she knows that he knows everything. He warns her to back off as she doesn’t know who he is. She says she knows and warns him if he doesn’t, he doesn’t know what she can do. He gets and shouts he knows where Radhika and she can do whatever she says. He pushes her down. Arjun sees that and warns Rahul to dare not touch Tara.

Rahul verbally abuses him and taunts that his father left his mother as she works as house maid in many houses. Arjun angrily punches Rahul. Paddy sees that and shouts at Arjun that his goondagiri will not work here. Arjun stands up and continues to shout. Paddy confesses that he tried to get Arjun out of the show earlier by trying to trap in drug case, now he cannot escape. Arjun stands shocked hearing that. Paddy drags Arjun to RT’s office.

In RT’s office, Paddy complains against Arjun. Arjun tries to defend himself, but RT doesn’t listen and says he is out of show for breaking its rules by getting violent, asks him to sign papers. Tara enters and asks Arjun not to sign papers. Rahul tells her to stay away from this if she wants to know where Radhika is.

She agrees, and he sends her SMS about Radhika’s details. Tara tells RT that Bedani will speak reminiscing Bedani recording Paddy’s confession. Bedani shows video to RT. RT shouts at Paddy that his betrayal and says he will kick him out of show for breaking rules, asks if someone is with him. Rahul signals not to say his name. Arjun thanks Tara.

In Satara, Sarita tells Sachin that Amukh Bedani messaged that he and Tara are trying to find Radhika’s whereabouts, Tara entered dance show to get back Sachin’s lost dignity and Aaji told she dances well. Sachin says Shatru Mehra selected Tara so that he can insult him again via Tara like he did 15 years ago and he is the reason for leaving Mumbai.

In Mumbai, Bedani praises Tara for being daring today. Tara says she did it for her father and wants to see her father feeling proud of him. Arjun reminisces telling his mother he will make her feel proud by winning competition. Sachin tells Sarita that Tara will ruin his remaining dignity.

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