Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmaah: Jethalal came on his knees in front of Iyer, did something that Babita did not expect

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah is loved by audiences of all ages. You can guess the popularity of the show from the same point that Tarak
Mehta… consistently stays on the top of the TRP list. Every character in Gokuldham Society is unique and different in itself, but Jethalal is a character whose problems are not followed but he himself pursues troubles and creates new problems for himself every time.

One such view is seen in the Gokuldham Society when Jethalal becomes entangled with Babita’s husband Iyer despite not wanting to. Actually, it happens that everyone is playing Holi on the occasion of Holi, but Iyer refuses to play Holi because he had to go to the meeting for an important job. The Gokuldham Society tries their best to convince Iyer but Iyer does not agree. In the end, when all the society agrees that no one will play Holi in a solid color, then Iyer comes to play Holi.

At the same time, Jethalal wants to paint his brother Sundar a firm color because Sundar had troubled Jethalal a lot. Jethalal arranges a firm color by telling the bullet and goes to apply Sundar but by mistake he puts a firm color on Iyer’s face instead of his brother-in-law. Iyer is wearing Sunder’s cap and muffler, which leads to a mistake with Jethalal.

Jethalal realizes that he is untoward at his hands, and begs Iyer Bhai to fold his hands to avoid his anger. At the same time Babita also gets very much shock due to Jethalal’s attitude and fiercely reprimand Jethalal. Eventually the Gokuldham Society stop playing Holi and decide to help Iyer. In the end, after facing many difficulties, the color of Iyer’s face is removed.


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