Swaran Ghar 23rd May 2022 Episode Written Update (23/5/2022)

Swaran Ghar

Swaran Ghar 23rd May 2022 Written Episode Update, Colors TV “Swaran Ghar 23rd May 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Swaran Gets A Birthday Surprise

Air Date: Swaran Ghar 23rd May 2022

Full Written Update: Swaran Ghar 23/5/2022 Episode Start with Divi requests that she have it. She expresses sorry for yesterday, I express babble out of resentment. Ajit grins. Divi says it was not my slip-up, you said I went on father, apologies. Swaran expresses profound gratitude. Divi says I will go. Swaran says no, have some food and go. Divi says my Sasumaa has kept a bhandara. Swaran requests that she express sorry to Ajit while leaving. Divi goes to Ajit and says sorry. Ajit embraces her. She says I need your assistance, mumma needs the nourishment for bhandara to come from your dhaba. Ajit says it will be finished. She says you need to come at 8pm. Ajit checks Swaran out. Divi says its fine on the off chance that you can’t come, I will concoct a rationalization. He says compelling reason need, I will come and get the food too. She expresses gratitude toward him. She leaves. He says I will deal with the bhandara and Swaran’s birthday celebration too. He sees Swaran leaving and figures I was unable to wish you once more. Swaran goes to the diamond setter and sees Bebe’s jewelry. She gives the principal portion and says I will pay the cash soon. He says your jewelry is protected here, you can definitely relax. Ajit converses with his dhaba man and gives guidelines about the bhandara food. Ajit sees Swaran leaving from the gem specialist. She says I will have the jewelry in my neck soon, I will pay the cash and get it back soon. He figures how could I fail to remember it, I know what to do now. Swaran gets back home. She sees the lights off. She gets down on everybody. She crashes into Ajit.

She asks what has been going on with the light. Ajit says I need to say something, I didn’t get an opportunity previously, blissful birthday Swaran. They grin. He says I wish you stay 1,000 years and I inconvenience you meanwhile. She chuckles. She says thanks to him and requests that he check lights, she feels frightened. He says lights will come, see. The lights come. The young ladies race to Swaran and say shock. Swaran asks the number of amazements that will you give me. Golden says there are many astonishments. Swaran sees Aarav coming. She embraces him. He wishes her. Aarav says father and Yug have made a unique cake for you. She asks how is your father. He says great, he has likewise come. She sees Nakul and Yug. She thinks no, it’s a fantasy. She takes a gander at them once more.

She recalls all that occurred. Nakul and Yug wish her. She expresses gratitude toward them. Nakul says Vikram didn’t come. Yug says I m sure he will likewise come to wish you. Nakul asks are you fine, whatever happened wasn’t fine. She says all will be well. She embraces them. They grin. The young ladies ask how could you like our astonishment. Vikram says sanitation dept will come and close this dhaba, we will go in the party and show that pic, Nakul and Yug need to return on my side, I will get the Swaran house, Ajit will get captured by food handling dept. Kiran requests that he keep her refreshed. He says I m coming mummy to commend my triumph. Golden says its Swaran’s birthday, she has finished 18 years, she has turned into a grown-up, festival ought to shake, for what reason don’t we play a series of Antakshari and give the presents to Swaran. Nakul welcomes Micky and expresses sorry for whatever happened that evening. She says its alright. They request that Ajit come. Ajit rejects. Ajit says Yug and Neelima helped in making courses of action. Swaran asks did you ask Yug.

She gets happy. She says I will sing Kanwal’s fav melody. She sings. Everybody moves. Ajit gets Divi’s call. He says I m leaving. Golden requests that he come and sing. Divi says I will arrange food from elsewhere. Neelu requests that he come. Ajit says I have demon work, I need to go. Neelu says simply sing. Ajit sings. Swaran checks him out. He gives the gift to Swaran.

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