Swaran Ghar 16th May 2022 Episode Written Update (16/5/2022)

Swaran Ghar

Swaran Ghar 16th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Colors TV “Swaran Ghar 16th May 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Swaran, Ajit spend time together

Air Date: Swaran Ghar 16th May 2022

Full Written Update: Swaran Ghar 16/5/2022 Episode Start with Nakul says that he doesn’t require support yet falls on the ground. Mickey asks Nakul what’s up occurred with him. Nakul requests that she ask that once more and tells that main her mom use to ask that way.

Mickey says that Swaran actually focuses on her three children, she will be focused on seeing Nakul in such condition. Nakul says that he is particularly upset and he can’t impart to his almost ones. He lets Mickey know that he has lost his employment. Mickey causes him to sit inside auto. Ajit spots Mickey with Nakul and contemplates whether Swaran’s children are planning some mischief once more. Ajit attempts to meet them however stops subsequent to recieving Divya’s call.

Ajit serves food to Jai, Ankita and Divya. Ajit calls Ankita his little girl. Divya says just she is Ajit’s little girl, Ankita is like little girl. Divya says she will leave for shopping. She takes the ladoo with her and says that she will eat one everyday and reminds Ajit that he can’t go to Swaran Ghar of all time. Ajit says that he will drop Divya and go to the dhaba. Ajit thinks about how might Swaran deal with the new pursuit alone. Swaran requests that Neelu call Ajit and have tea however later understands that Ajit ventured out from home. Ginni reminds her about the equivalent. Ambar requests in the event that Swaran is missing Ajit. Swaran doesn’t support her and requests about Mickey.

Nakul awakens, recalls everything. He laments for advising all that to Swaran’s inhabitant and stresses that she will tell everybody. Ajit comes to Swaran Ghar with Taxi. Swaran’s girl races to meet him. Ajit requests about Mickey. Ambar says that she left for an arrangement. Swaran sees Ajit. Swaran’s little girls leave individually.

Swaran sits in the taxt. They leave for Jalandhar. Swaran, Ajit has an adorable talk. Swaran says that Ajit should conceal something from her. Ajit gets Divya’s call yet doesn’t pick it. Ajit says he can’t pick calls while driving. Swaran says that she has pressed Ajit gear, Ajit says that he knows. Ajit plays that tune in radio. Swaran, Ajit chuckle together.

Ajit calls Divya and says that he was occupied. Divya inquires as to whether he is at dhaba. Ajit says OK. Swaran, Divya both go inside discount market. Ajit additionally heads inside. Divya searches in the mirror and spots Swaran, Ajit together. Divya feels that she can’t stand Swaran Bedi. Swaran, Ajit’s vehicle spots in the center. Ajit says that motor necessities time to chill off, till then he proposes to eat in a close by dhaba.

Swaran gestures. Swaran calls Neelu and advises her what to cook. Swaran says that she will eat out and come. Ajit says he will do same. Swaran questions Ajit about it. She requests that he return to his own home, family, Divi. Ajit says that Divya left for his in regulation’s home. Divya gets some information about Ajit.

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