Swaran Ghar 14th July 2022 Episode Written Update (14/7/2022)

Swaran Ghar

Swaran Ghar 14th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Colors TV “Swaran Ghar 14th July 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Swaran Saves Arjun From The Fire

Swaran Ghar Air Date: Swaran Ghar 14th July 2022

Full Written Update: Swaran Ghar 14/7/2022 Episode Start with Assessor sees Ajit and says you have been here before too. Swaran asks might I at any point settle on a decision, I lost my telephone, I needed to illuminate somebody. Nurture says simply rush and call. Swaran calls Ajit. Ajit says let me converse with Swaran once, it will be her call, I need to see as her. Reviewer asks how could somebody get into mischief with her when she wasn’t with you. Ajit says that man was talking gravely, let me converse with her once. Vikram sits miserable and considers Bebe and Swaran. Nimmo and Kiran request some food. Vikram requests that they stop it. He gets Nakul’s call. Nimmo says you let him know everything. Vikram requests that Kiran converse with Nakul. Kiran requests that Aarav accompany her. Nimmo says I will drop Aarav to school. Kiran expresses its at 7am. Vikram says how might I let him know that mum and Bebe went out. Swaran converses with Baba ji.

She holds up external the ward. She watches through of the window. She grins seeing a baraat going. She considers Ajit. Ajit says where did you go Swaran, excuse me, I was unable to keep my kinship, Kanwal ji said right, I shouldn’t believe his kids, Swaran needed to take off from the house, I wasn’t with her. Vikram converses with Nakul on video call. Vikram asks when are you coming. Nakul says I really want some time. Vikram says mum is missing you, you are her fav. Nakul says you are additionally her fav, she used to stress for you so much, you are her genuine fav child. Vikram feels terrible. He closes the call. The wafer falls inside the ward and consumes the shades. Swaran gets stunned seeing this. She yells fire. Bebe awakens. Swaran gets inside the ward. Bebe stops her. Swaran says he is separated from everyone else, dozing. Bebe says I will call somebody. Swaran gets down on Arjun and requests that he awaken.

Swaran goes inside to save Arjun. Ajit is in lockup. Swaran requests that Arjun awaken. She pushes the cot, and opens the wheels, reviewing a youth second with Ajit. She gets bleary eyed. Bebe holds her. She says I asked you not to go, you hopped in the fire, you showed a lot of boldness. She embraces Swaran.

Kiran and Nimmo are resting. The alert rings. Vikram is likewise dozing. Neelu comes and thumps the entryway. She says nobody awakened till now, presently this house is definitely not a home. Bebe reprimands the medical clinic staff. She says my bahu has saved this emergency clinic, she is truly courageous, return to work now. Swaran comes and gets tea for her. Bebe says I lauded you a ton. Swaran says you are showing a lot of adoration for me. Bebe says I m your Saas. They snicker. Arjun’s sister comes there and requests Arjun. She says I need to realize who got him to this clinic. She sees Swaran. She says I need to meet the specialist who treated my sibling. She says you both got him to this clinic, why, didn’t you see any confidential clinic. Swaran says we simply considered saving his life first. Bebe says Swaran has saved your sibling’s life, you ought to say thanks to her. The woman says I need to get purging and contemplation in view of this spot. Bebe says your sibling was kicking the bucket, we got him here by trouble, my bahu hopped into fire and got your sibling out of the fire. The woman gives cash to Swaran.

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