Sushil Modi said – If you get a job on the moon, Bihari can go there too, Tejashwi gave this answer


Patna, JNN. Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav has tweeted on the statement made by Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi in which Sushil Modi said that if he gets a job on the moon, Bihari will go there first. On this statement, Tejashwi has said that yes, now 7 crore unemployed youth of Bihar will have to go to the moon to take job because Nitish ji cannot give job in Bihar.

Tejashwi further wrote in his tweet that apart from Kursiist tirade politics, these people could not create any employment in 15 years, could not bring any industry, company, factory, investment.

Today, Tejashwi has gone on an unemployment Hatao Yatra in Bihar and in this sequence, he was addressing people in Sherghati of Gaya on Friday. Tejashwi had said that Nitish ji lacks will power. People are going to the moon but they are not able to give jobs to 7 crore youth of Bihar. There is not only a drain of talent in Bihar, but also money and resources are going out. There is a need to open good schools, colleges, hospitals, universities and big world class institutions in Bihar.

Sushil Modi said this at the immigrant bihari conference

Let us tell you that on Saturday, Sushil Modi appealed to the non-resident Biharis who attended the first NRI Bihari Conference in Patna and said that all of you should donate land for medical colleges. Along with this, he also requested to join Bihar Foundation.

In the first non-resident Bihari Sammelan, Sushil Modi said that the land of Mauritius has been populated by Biharis. Moving to other countries does not mean that our state is backward. People from states like Gujarat and Punjab also go out. In today’s era, migration is not considered bad. He said that it is a matter of pride for Biharis to do jobs in countries like America and England.

Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi inaugurated the conference program organized in Patna on the subject of the first immigrant Bihari ‘New India of New Bihar’. Union Minister of State Giriraj Singh and Bihar Health Minister Mangal Pandey also attended the event.


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