Story 9 Months Ki 7th December 2020 Episode Written Update (07/12/2020)

Story 9 Months Ki Written Updates

Story 9 Months Ki 7th December 2020 Written Episode Update, Sony TV Serial “Story 9 Months Ki 07 December 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name:  Sarang gets a job at Alia’s office

Air Date: 07 December 2020

Full Written Update: Story 9 Months Ki 07/12/2020 Episode Start with  Javed asks if Alia is fine, shall I come there? Anything serious? Rabia says kids are awake till now and asks him to make them sleep. Alia asks Rabia to go home and says I am fine.. Rabia says I will not go, until you get fine. Alia says I have to be alone from today, I think that this is my destiny. She says first without family, mom and dad and now without husband. She says Veer said that I am not a good wife.

When he was in need of me, I was not with him, I don’t deserve love and that’s why everyone leaves me. She cries and says I wanted to become a mother, want to live my childhood with my baby and wants to forget all those thoughts. She says even today I used to think why my mom left me and why she was not with me. She says she even broke her hand to get Dad’s attention, being a naughty girl, but he also left me in a boarding school. She says when he came to drop me in the boarding school, I asked him to wait for 5 mins.

She says he said that time has to be earned and if she does top in her academics and if her teachers praise her, then he will come and meet her. She says I stood top for the extra curricular activities too. She says Dad taught me the importance of time in that age and that’s why I planned everything. She says how can my life’s timing be wrong and says Veer has spoiled everything and even me. Rabia says Veer has never supported you, never encouraged or praise you. She says good husbands always support their wives.

She says Veer would have been bankrupt 2 years back and says you took loan from your dad for him. She says he is self centered and selfish. She says you was not having mistake then and now. She says you deserve love and respect. She says you searches for the words which others can’t. She says you will surely find someone and will become a best mother. She says my bestie is deserved by someone special.

Sarangdhar drowns his face in the water and washes his eyes. He tells Ramesh and other room mates that someone sprayed pepper spray in his eyes, when he tried to help. Ramesh says the people can do anything. He comes out of the room and sees his open shirt. Love story plays…..he smiles thinking about her and washes his face. He hopes Alia ji is fine, thinks to say her sorry when going for an interview and will return her money.

Next morning, Alia gets ready to go to office. Rabia comes there and says good morning. Alia says she has kept new tooth brush in the bathroom and tea and breakfast are ready. Rabia asks where is she going? Alia says office. Rabia says today is rest day, we will go to watch film, spa, and have food in new restaurant. Alia says very nice plan, but I have much work. Rabia asks why are you hiding your feelings? Alia says she can’t let her business suffer because of her personal life. She says she has important meetings today.

Sunita comes and tells that she has packed Veer’s stuff. Alia asks her to ask the driver to drop the stuff to Nitya’s house. Sunita asks why? Alia asks her to bring coffee for her. Sunita says coffee is over and goes to buy it. Alia says she didn’t have coffee since many days. Rabia asks her to meet her psychologist friend. Alia says I need a divorce lawyer. Rabia asks her not to ignore her mental health. Alia’s Dad Gautam comes there and asks if there was girl’s hangover last night. He reads the newspaper and says I made you invested on the right shares. He asks Alia about her business. Rabia asks him to ask Alia about her personal life and says you didn’t ask even once, about Veer’s stuff kept here. Alia says please.

Rabia says uncle shall know and asks did you ask if everything is fine. She says you got Alia invest in the right investment/share, but your choice for the damad has gone wrong. She says Veer is cheating on Alia and is having an affair with Nitya. Gautam stands shocked and asks since when? He asks Alia, why she didn’t tell him? He says let me handle this? He says I will bring him on line. Rabia asks do you think to call financers, rather than talking to Alia. She says you was never interested in Alia’s life. Gautam says she is my daughter. Rabia says I am just saying the truth. Alia asks them to stop fighting and tells that Veer’s stuff will be sent off. She ends her relation with Veer.

Sarangdhar comes for the interview at Alia’s office. He looks at the old receptionist and says Mausi ji, hides his face. The receptionist sees the newspaper and takes it. Sarangdhar comes to take the magazine. Alia comes there. Sarangdhar looks at her. Alia asks Rahul why there are so many people on the reception area. Rahul says two interviews are going on, one for writer and another for office runner/peon. He says you asked me to put online advertisement. Alia says we don’t want writer now, as Manju has written nicely. She says we shall focus on our writers rather than hiring new writers. She asks him to take their CVs.

Rahul takes Sarangdhar’s interview. Sarangdhar tells that this job is his passion and tells that he is MA. Rahul says you are over qualified for this job, as he thinks he wants to take up peon job. Sarangdhar says even though he is overqualified, he can start at junior level. He tells about Alia’s words. Rahul looks at him and says Alia is very particular about cleanliness. Sarangdhar says he will be particular with words and will come on time.

Rahul says job is yours and asks him to join from tomorrow. Sarangdhar thanks him and says my Amma will be very happy today. Rahul looks at him and asks if you want, then you can start today. He says there is a party in the office, you can help chote lal. Sarangdhar agrees. Rahul tells chote lal that he is strange and asks him to handle him. Sarangdhar thinks to go to Alia and give her 500 Rs note. Chote lal comes to Sarangdhar and asks him to serve the juice to everyone. Sarangdhar says I…Chote lal says yes. Sarangdhar takes the tray and serves everyone.

Alia gets a message and asks the client on call, not to forward the poem, as it is written for just them. Sarangdhar comes to Manju and congrats her. She asks who are you? He says I am Sarangdhar, a writer. Manju says I don’t know that a new writer is hired. Sarangdhar says you writes well and asks her to give him advice, Manju asks him to do the work with honesty and everyone will like him. She says you will have peace in heart too, (as she herself gets tensed). Alia says your invite will not look original, if it reaches your guests before your invite. The client says original and says the poem is stolen.

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