Story 9 Months Ki 24th July 2021 Episode Written Update (24/07/2021)

Story 9 Months Ki Written Updates

Story 9 Months Ki 24th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Sony Tv “Story 9 Months Ki 24th July 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Sarangdhar Goes Missing

Air Date: 24th July 2021

Full Written Update: Story 9 Months Ki 24/07/2021 Episode Start with Alia says we will wed soon,I realize how to keep my own and expert life independently and I am doing it. Param giggles and asks her not to joke to protect Sarangdhar. Alia says I am not kidding. Faheem says you both are not a decent counterpart for one another. Alia says this is truth, assuming you would prefer not to accept, it’s anything but my concern. She says Sarangdhar is my infants’ benefactor as well. She tells that she would have made a move against Sarangdhar like she makes moves against others. She says she won’t make a move against Faheem’s conduct as she comprehends his serious soul, however don’t repeat the experience. Param salutes her. Faheem says sorry.

They leave the lodge. Faheem tells the associates who has blended responses. Rahul discloses to Alia that today he is glad that they are together, and the infants will get their genuine guardians and he will emerge from dread. Param says office sprinter is going to the proprietor of the organization. Faheem says Alia’s decision are awful, first Veer and now Sarangdhar. Sarangdhar gets annoyed with Alia for uncovering about their relationship and leaves office. Every one of the workers look on. Alia figures she didn’t have any choice, for what reason did he blow up. Kusum comes to office late and says she got late because of Amma. Alia says it’s alright. Kusum calls Kumkum. Kumkum says she will talk later. Alia requests that Faheem tell the lines which he will tell the customer.

Faheem peruses and stammers. Alia inquires as to for what reason is he stammering. Faheem says it is really composed by Sarangdhar and he can get the right subtlety of the lines. Alia inquires as to whether he isn’t in a temperament then, at that point can go. Rahul inquires as to whether Alia’s mind-set is awful or acceptable. Customer comes there. Nandini inquires as to whether she conversed with Brij Mohan about the wedding setting. Gautam says Alia would not like to have a marriage as a high profile wedding. Nandini says converse with Brij Mohan as they would need stupendous wedding. Alia closes the gathering and likes her group for the great job. She gets disturbed and thinks why Sarangdhar haven’t picked her call.

Faheem gets a message that Sarangdhar’s work is finished. Alia requests that the driver stop the vehicle while returning home and purchases kulfi at the frozen yogurt parlor. The frozen yogurt fellow inquires as to whether she is irate. Alia says my life partner didn’t call me even once. She eats another frozen yogurt for her other child. Kusum returns home. Kamleshwari gets some information about Sarangdhar. Kusum says he had left from office in the early evening. Alia thinks in the event that she gets cold, she won’t leave him. She gets back home. Elaichi and Bua ji request that she take them to have food in inn. Alia says I will take you later and have requested nourishment for all of you.

Nandini looks on. Kamleshwari asks Kusum what was the deal? Kusum says he had left before I arrived at office. Kamleshwari figures Alia should know. Bua ji and Elaichi have the noodles with hand. Alia thinks in the event that Sarangdhar don’t bring in 5 mins, I… Bua ji inquires as to whether you will kill..Kamleshwari calls Alia. Alia requests that she say. Kamleshwari says she needs to converse with lalla and asks when will he come? Alia figures he didn’t return home as of recently. She says he left at 11 am from office. Kamleshwari stresses for Sarangdhar. Alia says he would be fine, however she stresses as well.

Alia and Kamleshwari search Sarangdhar in the actual night. Kamleshwari says I will call home, might be he has gotten back home. Alia says he isn’t online as well. Kamleshwari calls Kavya and comes to realize that he didn’t come. Kamleshwari cries. Alia says Sarangdhar will be found and requests that Driver take them to PS. Alia goes to the PS. Constable inquires as to whether you found that young lady. Alia says she came to discuss his life partner, who has disappeared since evening. Auditor says we can’t document objection before 24 hours and requests that she record grievance subsequent to morning 11 am. A person is watching out for them.

Alia gives Sarangdhar’s pic in the PS and requests that Inspector call her. Kamleshwari tells that she is fretful and will remain here. Alia says how might we stay here. Kamleshwari says we will look through him elsewhere. She makes Alia stressed and inquires as to whether anything happens to him. Alia says your supplications will secure him and he will be fine. She detects somebody watching out for them, turns around yet don’t discover anybody. Mala tells Rosy, how could Rahul say this? Ruddy says indeed, he said I love you. Mala says I don’t accept.  Blushing says everybody thought about it in office, aside from you. Mala looks on. Blushing asks do you love him as well.

Mala says she didn’t consider him, he is acceptable, excessively acceptable, yet love… she needs to think. Alia says gives up home. A biker follows them on the bicycle. Alia reviews Sarangdhar’s words and gets tragic. Kamleshwari weeps for him. Alia additionally cries, takes a gander at her wedding band. The biker follows her.

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