Story 9 Months Ki 15 February 2021 Episode Written Update (15/02/2021)

Story 9 Months Ki Written Updates

Story 9 Months Ki 15th Feb 2021 Written Episode Update, Sony TV Serial “Story 9 Months Ki 15 February 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name:  Sarangdhar And Alia Reach Mathura

Air Date: 15 February 2021

Full Written Update:Story 9 Months Ki 15/02/2021 Episode Start with  Sarangdhar says he didn’t know about what is love? But when he used to see the people in love, he used to think about it. He says now he is feeling something and looks at Alia. Alia sleeps. Sarangdhar says nothing is like before. Alia is about to fall, but Sarangdhar keeps his hand on her cheek and makes her sleep properly. Sarangdhar thinks he chose her and refused Mehta. He thinks if this is love, when she asked him to come to Mathura with her, he agreed and didn’t feel scared of Babu. He thinks how to find out if this is love? He makes her sleep properly.

Alia wakes up. Sarangdhar says he was making her seat backwards so that she can sleep well. Alia says Mathura is 800 kms away. Brij Mohan gets the puja done and tells that he shall win Lalla and election ticket. Kamleshwari prays for her son. Sarangdhar is continuously driving the car and thinks he shall get some signs that he is in love. He sees the tree on the way and stops. A fb is shown, Sarangdhar recalls this is the same tree where Bapu had brought me, and I had tied the thread on to the tree, with a prayer that he wants to be a good writer when grown up.

He thinks he had met that girl here, who had hair like Alia ji. Alia looks at the tree and thinks she has come here before in childhood, while going to the boarding hostel. She gets down and tells Sarangdhar that she has come here and met with a very sweet boy here. A fb is shown, she tells that she wants to get Papa’s attention and for that, she has to become very successful. He tells that he prays for her and she will become a big woman. She says that day, the boy inspired me to do something big.

Sarangdhar gets touched and thinks she is the same girl whom he had met in the childhood. He thinks we are destined to meet. He gives her thread so that she can tie to the tree. Alia tries to tie. Sarangdhar helps her like he helped her in the childhood. Alia looks at him. He didn’t tell her that he is the same boy. Sarangdhar thinks now he is not confused, everything is clear now. He thinks Alia ji got inspired by me in the childhood and many years later, I got inspired with her words.

He thinks he didn’t know that he will fell in love with her and thinks he has waited for 20 years for her. Alia sits in the car and signs him to come. Sarangdhar sits in the car and smiles. He drives the car again. Alia sleeps on the back seat. Soon it becomes morning. He recalls meeting her, Alia informing him that she is pregnant etc. Le jaye song plays……He thinks I love you Alia ji. Alia wakes up and asks if they reached Mathura. Sarangdhar says no and asks her to sleep, says he will wake her up. Alia asks didn’t you sleep in night. He says no. Alia asks him to stop the car.

Sarangdhar stops the car. He gives tea to Alia and says you look good while drinking tea in mug. He says we are like this tea and says if something gets lessen, then taste, aroma etc gets changed. He says now as we are together, all the secrets are open…asks her to drink tea and make his love complete. Alia dips his hand in the tea. It is his imagination. He gives her tea. Alia asks what are you thinking? Sarangdhar says nothing. They see crossing Mathura. Alia asks him to put Mathura’s 5 star hotel and takes her there. Sarangdhar says I know all the places in Mathura, I will take you. Alia asks Sarangdhar, why did he hold the basket like this?

Sarangdhar says everyone knows him. Alia says I asked you to bring me to 5 star hotel. Manager comes there and welcomes them. Alia tells Manager that this is good, but not 5 star hotel. He asks who will give name to your baby. Alia says me. Sarangdhar signs at himself. Manager says likewise, this is my baby, my hotel. He gives the keys. Alia asks for another room keys. Manager says there is no extra room. Sarangdhar asks how they can live together, when they are not married. Alia says we will manage. Sarangdhar says you will get uncomfortable with my presence, tells that he will come later. She asks him to come at 7 pm as they have a meeting and asks if he will run away.

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