Spy Bahu 6th July 2022 Episode Written Update (6/7/2022)

Spy Bahu

Spy Bahu 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Colors TV “Spy Bahu 6th July 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Sejal Decides To Convince Abhi To Surrender

Spy BahuAir Date: Spy Bahu 6th July 2022

Full Written Update: Spy Bahu 6/7/2022 Episode Start with Yohan says child will rest here, and says he will give him shower and will make him wear garments, and afterward will provide for Drishti. He says child will say Mama first. Sejal says child does potty ordinarily. Yohan says I didn’t think. Sejal gets hiccups. He says child will become accustomed to it, and says thank god Mama’s hardware isn’t powerless. Sejal says assuming that child figures out how to express Mami before Mama. He says this won’t occur, as his Mami will leave him before that. Minal comes there and calls Sejal. She says she has taken out terrible sight from Drishti and her kid. Sejal takes it from her hand and takes off awful sight from Yohan. Minal says for a spouse, her significant other’s wellbeing is her top most need. Yohan takes it and removes her awful sight, says it is my obligation too to work on something for your security.

Everybody emerges and sees Shalini wearing saree and holding the aarti plate in the sanctuary. Everybody is shocked. Shail believes in the event that I am seeing the fantasy. Veera inquires as to whether she is fine? Shalini says she has changed since the quick, and calls Shail as Shail ji. She lets him know that every one of his apprehensions will end, and tells that Mata Rani came in her fantasy and requested that I do her puja, as there is shakti in bhakti. She lets Yohan know that she has done karmjali conduct. Yohan grins and says your mouth may torment talk pleasantly. Shalini lets Sejal know that they will resemble sisters now. Abhi comes there and requests that Drishti apply salve. Veera requests that he sit. Abhi says he needs to go and tells that he has requested garments for infants, and it will be conveyed soon. Veera tells that they don’t buy the garments before the child gets conceived. Minal says new borns wear old garments. Veera says I have kept garments of Yohan, Shail and Drishti. Drishti says my child will wear those garments. Abhi requests that Minal show him how to remove the awful sight. Sejal believes in the event that Bhai has changed and remembers to persuade him to give up. She claims to check for organization and settles on a decision. She says I got data about the assailant of Mumbai assault, she will meet and tell him.

Veera comes to the kitchen and sees Shalini. Shalini says she has sent cooks out, and tells that she has made the rundown of food sources to be made for Drishti and others. Veera requests that she make Moong dal halwa as Drishti is goin for sonography. Veera requests that Sejal help Shalini. All at once Krish calls Veera. Veera goes out. They see monitors with weapons. Sejal takes the glass jugs and tosses on the gatekeeper. Yohan gets it and tells that he has recruited the watchmen for security. Krish inquires as to why? Yohan says for our security and says on the off chance that any more bizarre comes, alert will ring. He says there will be safety officer with you all when you go out. He says Abhi don’t require it as he is a cop. Sejal figures how to go out. Abhi thinks I am figuring how to follow you.

Drishti tells that she needs to head off to some place. Abhi tells that he needs to go out for strike. He sees Yohan and offers to drop Drishti. Drishti says she will go. Abhi packs his coat clinched and tells that he is going to cold capacity. He leaves. Yohan asks didn’t you let him know that you are going for sonography. She says she didn’t and is going with Mom. Sejal sees Abhi leaving the house and attempts to follow him. The gatekeeper stops her and says he will accompany her. Sejal heads inside and remembers to go out from washroom window. She figures how to go out, and thinks he has tied us here. Yohan is cleaning up in the washroom, and asks what she said. Sejal yells seeing him. He falls on her. Drishti comes there and requests that they proceed. He says she fell on me. She requests that he prepare. They have an eye lock. Melody plays… .She asks who keeps the washroom entryway open and clean up. He inquires as to whether she looked through new reason to gaze him. She falls on him. Melody plays… ..Yohan says don’t go out without monitor and requests that she concur. She gestures her head cheerfully and thinks it is hard to blow up with this lakarbakka. Yohan grins as well.

Yohan lets Sejal know that he is taking Drishti to clinic and asks her not to go out without security. Sejal says alright and thinks she needs to go out without security. She emerges and sees Servant taking the trash dustbin out. She sends the Servant inside and gets inside the dustbin. Worker returns and thinks dustbin is weighty. Shalini comes there and says she has turned into an ideal bahu and will check what is she taking. The worker is going to open it, when Krish comes and stops her. Krish inquires as to whether she will utilize cow compost cleanser, great for skin. Shalini says she is utilizing chandan and haldi facewash and her skin is great. She says she don’t require it now.

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