Spy Bahu 26th September 2022 Episode Written Update (26/9/2022)

Spy Bahu

Spy Bahu 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Colors “Spy Bahu 26 September 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Sejal feels helpless as Yohan gets accused

Spy Bahu Air Date: Spy Bahu 26th September 2022

Full Written Update: Spy Bahu 26/9/2022 Episode Start with He tells that Ahana’s clinical reports previously demonstrated that she has been truly attacked yet they can trust that Yohan’s clinical reports will come and see whether Yohan is one who had attacked Ahana. Sejal advises that Yohan is honest and demands police to let her meet him once. Police awards consent for 5 minutes.

Arun is worried about Yohan’s capture. Shalini attempts to help him up and says Ahana is doing this to get payback. Krish inquires as to whether Yohan had committed the mix-up. Arun tells he is sure that Yohan could never do something like this and Veera previously destroyed his life yet he won’t allow Yohan’s life to be demolished. Shalini tells they are together in this and uncommonly Yohan’s greatest strength Sejal won’t let anything turn out badly. Sejal meets Yohan who is feeling regretful and powerless. She requests that he recollect what had happened that evening.

Yohan says he recollects Ahana coming to his room and attempting to draw near yet he warded pushing her off and afterward fell oblivious and doesn’t recall how he has those nail blemishes on his body. Sejal tells him not to feel unsettled and she totally confides in him. Legal counselor educates Arun regarding how regulation is more disposed towards females in such cases and furthermore Ahana’s clinical reports as of now demonstrate her case. Arun requests that attorney free Yohan from this. He tells about requiring a proof and says regarding holding up till Yohan’s reports come.

Test from nail blemishes on Yohan’s body and chest are taken for examination. Sk sir tells Sejal not to accept pressure as she is feeling dazed. He shows her recorded assertion of Ahana. Ahana let overseer know that she was employed by Veera to go about as Mahira and didn’t realize Veera was psychological militant. She fakes a tale about her falling head over heels for Yohan seeing his appropriate conduct yet Yohan began contacting her in incorrect manner and, surprisingly, vowed to get hitched after Sejal had left them however Sejal brought back. Assessor asks her for what valid reason did she go to inn the previous evening. Ahana lies that she was apprehensive about being killed by Veera so she remembered to find support from Yohan.

Ahana tells Yohan pushed her on bed and shows her physical issue checks as well. Sejal tells Sk sir that this is bogus. Investigator illuminates Sejal and everybody that example from Yohan has Ahana’s DNA. He tells about case being documented on Yohan. Arun blows his top and says he will battle against this request. Sejal energizes Yohan and says she confides in him however he feels regretful. Sejal tells Sk sir how Yohan had changed the lodging the previous evening and considers how Ahana had some awareness of new inn when Yohan himself didn’t have any idea. The episode closes with them understanding somebody is helping Ahana while Veera Nanda is shown sneering.

The episode begins with Sejal saying Veera how she could feel that Bappa being in the house something wrong could occur. Arun yells at her for killing Aarti and annihilating his loved ones. Veera tells Krish not to trust them. He says he has himself understood every one of her admissions as he had failed to remember his wallet and returned from halfway. He tells he can’t stand her. Veera begins chuckling and gets weapon from the cabinet. Yohan advises her to shoot him.

Veera gets stunned to see the firearm was unfilled. Yohan shows that shots are with him. Arun advises Yohan to get her captured. Veera begins giggling madly and says they have no verification. Shalini eliminates pallu from her face and says she will give articulation.

Veera is bewildered to see her alive while Krish cheerfully embraces her. Shalini tells about how Veera har shot her yet Sejal and Yohan saved her on time. Drishti says Veera had attempted to kill her as well. Sk sir comes there with police and compliments Sejal for finishing her main goal as Paro and getting most needed fear monger captured. Yohan lets them know how Sejal had never lost her recollections.

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