Spy Bahu 16th September 2022 Episode Written Update (16/9/2022)

Spy Bahu

Spy Bahu 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Colors “Spy Bahu 16 September 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Shalini gets shot by Veera Nanda

Spy Bahu Air Date: Spy Bahu 16th September 2022

Full Written Update: Spy Bahu 16/9/2022 Episode Start with Shalini who got terrified seeing everything erroneously drops something and gets seen by the threesome. She begins racing to save herself from Veera. Veera, Arbaaz and Ahana follow her. At home, Yohan is playing with Abhi. He finds Drishti getting profound and asks what occurred. She shows garments for Abhi and says Sejal got it. Yohan thinks how inspite of his abuse Sejal generally focused on his loved ones.

Sejal comes there with Drishti’s clinical reports and illuminates Yohan that there were hints of resting pills in high portion in Drishti’s blood. Yohan feels regretful of not having the option to deal with every one individuals whom he adores, his mom Aarti, then, at that point, Sejal and Drishti. He vows to get Veera rebuffed for every one of her bad behaviors. Shalini conceals in a corner and tosses something on the contrary side to occupy Veera and Ahana. In the interim she remembers to illuminate reality with regards to Veera to Yohan and Sejal. She continues to call them yet not a single one of them gets the summon as telephones are kept on the table.

Shalini attempts to run however toward the end gets up coming before Veera. She argues Veera to let her go and she won’t tell her reality to anybody. Veera says she can either save herself or save Shalini. Veera barbarously shoots Shalini and she kicks the bucket on the spot. Veera harms herself on the head and Ahana says on the off chance that she has previously thought about a tale about Shalini’s demise. Veera comes to Nanda Chateau crying and starts acting. Arbaaz and Ahana accompany Shalini’s dead body.

Veera begins lying that they were gone after by hooligans who stole from their gems and when Veera denied to give her wedding band they began battling. Ahana says that they planned to shoot Veera however Shalini in the middle between. Sejal and Yohan examine how everything is obviously false yet Yohan requests that Sejal control her feelings. Krish cries severely and says Shalini was his main companion. Arun advises Yohan to illuminate Shail as they need to do last ceremonies for Shalini. Yohan asks how Ayuub is doing them. Ahana concocts a story that he is one who saved them from the hooligans.

Arun says thanks to Arbaaz. Later Veera again reminds Ahana never to deceive her and how rather than Arbaaz, Shalini and chief wound up dead. She tells that on Ganapati she has arranged a major impact in Nanda industry in which everybody will wind up dead with the exception of Veera. Ahana gets some information about her.

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