Spy Bahu 15th April 2022 Episode Written Update (15/4/2022)

Spy Bahu

Spy Bahu 15th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Colors TV “Spy Bahu 15th April 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Drishti Runs From Home

Air Date: Spy Bahu 15th April 2022

Full Written Update: Spy Bahu 15/4/2022 Episode Start with She’s actual surprise, I don’t have the foggiest idea how to mend her. Sejal says let me take nourishment for her. Veera says I am ready to sympathize with my aggravation with you. You feel like my own. Sejal says don’t cry, I will take it. Drishti reviews what Aarun said. She cries and wails. She says my father detests me on account of my hand. How long will Abhishek love me? HE will likewise loathe me one day and I will end up being a shame for himself as well as his family as well. I won’t allow that day to come. I will end this hand.

Sejal thumps and says Drishti lady I got nourishment for you. she looks in. Drishti is no place. Sejal breaks the lock from her pin. Sejal sees Drishti in blood. She shouts. Sejal says Drishti lady.. Drishit says I would rather not live. Sejal reviews her emergency treatment preparing. She gives her emergency treatment. Shalini says we need to take cash from father’s storage. We need to follow through with something. Sejal says I can’t sit around idly. She ties her hand. Sejal picks her. Sejal says let call Yohan, he will take you to clinic. Drishti says nobody ought to be familiar with this please. Not even Yohan. Sejal says they will be more stung. You’re correct I presume. She cleans the blood and dresses her injury. Drishti cries. Sejal says you made such a major stride. Converse with somebody. She says father said I ought to have been kicked the bucket prior to being conceived. How is it that I could talk after that? Sejal says my folks make statements said out of frustration, and guarantees made in joy ought not be approached in a serious way. Drishti says thank you for staying discreet. Presently you go. sejal says no I am here to deal with you. If it’s not too much trouble, give yourself some harmony. I’m here.

Scene 2
Yohan says all of you got cash in your records. Disregard your homes and go to this location. Give it to the next young men too. Sejal is concerned for Drishti. Minal calls her. Sejal leaves. Drishti gets up and calls Abhishek and says we don’t have a day. Sejal says thank you mummy for giving me such a lot of adoration. She cries. Sejal says individuals don’t cherish their children the way you all both love me. Minal expresses out loud whatever occurred? She doesn’t say anything, I miss you. Sejal leaves. Drishti says we couldn’t actually stand by till tomorrow. I’m running from the house today. He expresses consider it. She says it’s my official choice. Come to the sanctuary where we initially met. Possibly come assuming you vow to accompany me for a lifetime. Sejal comes in, Drishti claims to rest. Sejal sits with her. drishti attempts to get water. She asks Sejal for water. Sejal says let me get it.

Veera tells Aarun how is it that you could say all that to Drishti. You need to express sorry to her. I will not get harmony in any case. He says did you place the money in the storage? We ought to be cautious all of the time. She says with feelings as well. In the event that we don’t show our children love they follow an off-base way. He rests. Shalini and Shail sneak in the storage space. SHe crashes into a stool. Sejal hears clamor. Shalini stows away. Sejal comes to Drishti’s room and sees cover. She says Drishti should be snoozing. She removes the sweeping and there’s simply cushion under the blanker. Sejal says where has she gone? She wasn’t well. She glances around and sees strides. She believes it’s Drishti. Sejal follows the means. Shalini sneaks in the room. She checks the storage out. Shalini attempts to enter codes. She opens it with Yohan’s birthdate. Sejal comes in. Shalni stows away. Sejal says nobody is here. Shalni says I won’t leave her. She leaves. shalini takes the money.

Drishti sees a bicycle. It’s Yohan. She escapes. Sejal comes out. Yohan says would you say you are keeping an eye on me once more? What’s your concern. Shail says this is significantly more than whatever I needed. How about we do an outing. Shalini says that Sejal was following me. I can’t stand her. I won’t leave her. Shail says she’s simply a house cleaner, fire her. Shalini says I will show her something new. Sejal asks Yohan did you see Drishti? He says how could she be here? He expresses out loud whatever happened to her? Where could she be? Sejal says in fact.. She needed squeezed orange. SHe wasn’t in her room. She may be in porch.

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