Spy Bahu 13th May 2022 Episode Written Update (13/5/2022)

Spy Bahu

Spy Bahu 13th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Colors TV “Spy Bahu 13th May 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Yohan Comes To The Wedding

Air Date: Spy Bahu 13th May 2022

Full Written Update: Spy Bahu 13/5/2022 Episode Start with They make an inquiry or two. Nobody has seen her. Drishti cries to Yohan. She calls him and says bhai if it’s not too much trouble, get your telephone. She cries and says mother where has he gone? Abhishek embraces her. She cries. Shail and Shalini drink. She says have this. Shail disregards her. SK and Tanhaji are additionally attempting to track down Sejal.

Scene 2
The following morning Yohan awakens tied in a dull room. He’s confounded. He says where am I? He glances around. Yohan attempts to break the wires. Sejal is out. She comes to the room and Yohan isn’t there. She glances around with a weapon. Sejal says this is what I needed.

The wedding capacity begins. Serve asks where could Yohan be? Aarun says Yohan will return you can definitely relax. The whole police power will track down him. Aleesha arrives in a wedding dress and says I am certain Yohan will come. I trust my affection. He needs to come for me. I’ve sat tight for him for quite a long time. He will be mine for eternity. Shalini says she will wed herself. Krish gets out whatever a simpleton. Alisha’s mother says you can’t go to the mandap alone. She says mother if it’s not too much trouble, clear out. Arun calls his men and expresses search for him. Aleesha says Arun uncle there’s a sword with Arun’s outfit for a regal look. Her father says for what reason are you attempting to go to the mandap. He hasn’t arrived at this point. She requests that Veera remove her hostile stare. She says a many individuals would be envious. Aleesha’s mother says to bring Yohan at any expense. Go asays there’s time. Sit please. Aleesha says no. Aleesha proceeds to sit in the mandap. She gets the fire going.

Everybody stops her. They ask what’s going on with you. Aleesha says if it’s not too much trouble, pause, he will come. Aleesha gets fire going and says our mandap is lit at this point. I will emerge from this mandap as either Yohan’s better half or a dead body. Serve shares with Arun I will annihilate your business and home on the off chance that anything happens to my little girl. Arun expresses quiet down please. Aleesha’s pallu bursts into flames. Arun calls hello there men and asks where could Yohan be? Yohan comes in and says I am here. Everybody is stunned to see him. Aleesha runs and embraces him. Yohan rubs fire from her pallu. Veera says express gratitude toward God you’ve back. Drishti embraces Yohan and asks would you say you are alright? He says I.. He recalls everything. Aleesha says I let you know all Yohan would come for my affection. Veera says did you cause problems? He says no. Arun says Yohan prepare, the wedding there’s simply no time to spare. Yohan goes higher up.

Scene 3
Tanhaji keeps call Sejal. He says Sejal Yohan has arrived at wedding scene. Make the last stride. Drishti comes to Yohan and says I am grieved. I could do nothing for your wedding. He says unwind. She says you never deceived mother. For what reason did you deceive me? How could you vanish unexpectedly? Yohan reviews the previous evening. He says don’t stress I am fine. I’m cheerful. Drishti says don’t lie. I am familiar with your arrangement with father. I can avoid this house yet kindly don’t demolish your life. He says I can’t break my guarantee. She says it’s an arrangement. He says I guaranteed mother I will continuously keep you blissful. Drishti cries and says I can’t live with this responsibility. Kindly don’t wed her. Yohan embraces her and says I will do anything for you. The two of them cry. He says I will prepare. Drishti cries.

Yohan gets dressed. He reviews Mahira and says I am sorry I was unable to track down you. Sejal prepares as a lady of the hour. She checks yohan’s photograph out. Yohan says we may be together in next life. Sejal puts a cross on Yohan’s photograph with a red lipstick.

The wedding begins. Yohan comes to the mandap. Aleesha says I got all that I needed. SHe says on mic I will demonstrate I can potentially do anything. I was infatuated with him from the get go. I composed my destiny with Yohan. Assuming that I am here, who’s in the wedding life.

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