Sirf Tum 8th August 2022 Episode Written Update (8/8/2022)


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Episode Name: Suhani Tops In The MBBS Exam

Sirf Tum Air Date: Sirf Tum 8th August 2022

Full Written Update: Sirf Tum 8/8/2022 Episode Start with She yells saying she won’t return. Ishaan returns and asks what was the deal? Suhani embraces him. Toward the beginning of the day, Sudha thinks where is Suhani, and takes breakfast for her in the room. She thinks that she is dozing and figures she will let her rest. She attempts to cover her with cover completely and observes that she is having fever. Suhani awakens and says assuming that I got late to set off for college. Sudha says you won’t attend a university today. Aditya checks her and says you are having 102 degrees fever. Specialist comes there and actually looks at Suhani. Aditya says every one of her tests are ordinary, then, at that point, additionally her fever isn’t going. Specialist asks Suhani what is she thinking? Suhani says no. Rakesh asks what is wrong. Specialist says she is having uneasiness about something and inquires as to whether you are stressed or frightened over something. Suhani says no.

Following a month, Sudha, dadi and Rakesh petition Mata Rani and tells that Suhani is having fever since a month. How she will plan for tests for what it’s worth after the month. Dadi requests that Mata Rani invigorate them. Rakesh comes to Suhani’s room and finds her dozing holding her course reading. He sees the books and papers dissipated on the table. He prepares the table. Suhani gets up and says I will make it happen, for what reason are you doing. Rakesh asks until when you will deceive us, and with yourself as well. He says you are living for us all, however why you are taking off from yourself. He says I recollect that when I was unable to walk or say anything, your confidence was your solidarity and presently Ranveer’s recollections have turned into your apprehension. He inquires as to whether Dehradun is Ranveer’s city and his abundance, why are you terrified. She says when you meet him throughout everyday life, you will be a preferred specialist over him. He says we didn’t instruct you to out of control from the conditions. He inquires as to for what reason would you say you are frightened, tell me? Suhani says I am not frightened of ranveer for myself, but rather for all of you. She says you have all have bear him much, and we have been avoiding him since 4 years and we are extremely cheerful. She says I am worried about the possibility that that because of Ranveer or me, your life could get ruin. Rakesh asks what most terrible can occur? Sudha says you haven’t felt that in the event that your fantasy to become specialist didn’t materialized, then it won’t be not exactly our old agony. Dadi says we as a whole are with you, let Ranveer come here, I will deal with him alone. She requests that she become specialist and put their name on the map. Ishaan says I will join rec center and will make great body, he needs to confront me before you. Rakesh asks Suhani not to redirect from her point. He says I realize you will end up being a decent specialist and will come on top. He says I realize that you will show him, his worth. Suhani says she will top in the class and cause everybody to feel pleased. Later Suhani sits to study. Sudha gives her tea. Ranveer checks the patients sitting out and about.

Following one year. Dadi petitions Mata Rani that Suhani will get great stamps and says she will convey the desserts. Ishaan checks for Suhani’s outcome. Suhani requests that he actually take a look at quick. Ishaan says Aarti is on second. Ishaan says Aditya got third Rank. Suhani says I got tenth position and flies off the handle. He says there is an off-base thing. Suhani says my predetermination is terrible. Aditya comes there and calls Suhani. He moves and says she has broken RS clinical school record. He says Rank 1. Suhani says I have seen my position tenth. He says it was an error in the positioning field. He shows the information and requests that she see. Suhani really looks at the printout and tracks down her name as the principal ranker. She gets cheerful and embraces Aditya in energy. Everybody is cheerful. Suhani then embraces Ishaan and Dadi. Dadi congratulations her. Suhani embraces Sudha. Sudha says I realize that my little girl will top. She says they will move. They play the routine. Suhani asks where could Papa be? Rakesh comes there and says I had gone to purchase your number one desserts as I realize that you will top in the test. He says you have done right by me, and says my girl will be known as Dr. Suhani Sharma and I will be known as her dad. Dadi says we will express gratitude toward Mata Rani. They express gratitude toward Mata Rani. Suhani figures this party will be of my triumph in the wake of emerging from your recollections.

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