Sirf Tum 22nd November 2021 Episode Written Update (22/11/2021)


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Episode Name: Suhani Fails The Entrance Exam!

Air Date: 22nd November 2021

Full Written Update: Sirf Tum 22/11/2021 Episode Start with Suhani demands Ranveer. He leaves. Ansh is additionally checking the test with teacher. After the test, Suhani comes out and says, express gratitude toward God that Ranveer isn’t there. All at once he stops her and asks how was the test? Peruse the inquiries, I will offer you the responses. They audit the inquiries and what she composed as replies. Suhani says last inquiry was about heart, yet she was unable to go to it. He says, that implies you are frail in heart’s matter. She sees him confounded. He says, nothing. But 1 every one of your answers are correct. Sudha comes and gets some information about her test. Before she replies, Ranveer addresses that aside from 1 inquiry, all answers were correct. She will get full stamps. Sudha says, it’s acceptable you folks left. Traffic got cleared a few seconds ago. She expresses gratitude toward Ranveer saying he satisfied her and Suhani’s fantasy today. He gives credits to her for giving authorization. Suhani and Sudha leave. Ansh is seen holding a test paper and grinning as he strolls with the educator.

Riya stops Suhani and Sudha. She says she was unable to reach before because of traffic. Suhani says, I additionally came to with trouble. Sudha says, that too by riding on a pony. Sudha goes on a side as she gets a call. Riya prods Suhani and asks who was that perfect suitor? Suhani says, it was Ranveer. Father has given him my obligation. Riya says, exemplary Ranveer. She asks Riya he planned to get rusticated, isn’t that so? Riya says he broke record, he said sorry to both the dignitary and the understudy. Suhani says, he ruined my name by labeling me as Miss. Zimmedari. She calls him, ‘awara, moronic, loafer’. He can’t deal with himself and attempting to assume up my liability. Riya says he isn’t unreasonably terrible, he is simply unique. Riya says, not unique, he’s really bizarre. There is no other person like him. Riya believes that this isn’t the perfect opportunity to tell her that I like Ranveer. Sudha returns. Riya says, I am thinking to arrange party as Suhani will finish the test. Sudha says let results start things out. Suhani asks Riya, you don’t need to go to your group? She says OK, I am behind schedule. Sudha and Suhani leave. Riya says, gracious God, she gave such countless monikers to Ranveer shortly.

Suhani is sitting in her gallery. She is as yet contemplating Ranveer. She says, ‘lafanga, inept, nalayak’. Then, at that point, says, he isn’t really ‘nalayak’, he is very gifted. She wonders why am I contemplating him? My fantasy will finish tomorrow, I should zero in on that. Sudha brings nourishment for her maxim did you neglect to eat in outcomes’ fervor?

Following day, Suhani and Sudha arrive at the school. Suhani goes to actually look at the outcomes. In the interim, Ranveer is doing plans for a festival with blossoms and cake. He advises his companion to declare everybody that they can arrange anything they desire. He will pay for all. What’s more, later in the evening, he is setting up a great party. His companion tells him to at minimum stand by till the outcomes. Ranveer says, I affirmed yesterday just that she passed. His another companion comes and illuminates him that Suhani bombed the test. Opposite side, Suhani gets stunned and pitiful seeing she bombed the test. Sudha asks, what was the deal? You beat right? Suhani says, I fizzled. I was unable to clear the selection test. Ranveer comes there and watches her from distance. Ansh grins. Suhani says, I composed every right reply. Ansh says, now and again even right answers are not ensure to breeze through the test. An off-base organization can ruin things. Another person’s satisfaction removed your bliss. Assuming Ranveer wasn’t really insane behind you, you would have passed. Sudha consoles Suhani saying, on the off chance that not here, you will get affirmation somewhere else. Suhani says, yet this is the best school and it was our fantasy that I concentrate in this school. Sudha says, no, our fantasy is you turning into a specialist. School is only a way to arrive at the fantasy. In the event that we need to change the way, we will, yet we will arrive at our objective. They leave. Ranveer remains there unobtrusively. He thinks about how she fizzled. Ansh grins reviewing how he traded Suhani’s paper with another understudy’s paper to ruin Ranveer’s satisfaction. I can’t leave you alone glad. Seeing you in issue is my life’s greatest joy.

Ranveer goes to the senior member’s office and says, there is a significant issue with the selection test’s outcomes. He arranges a peon to bring Suhani’s paper. The senior member reminds Ranveer that it’s him who is the dignitary. He agrees with Ranveer on a particular stance and says, I realize our holding is acceptable, yet essentially give me some regard in school. Ranveer says, I hushed up during my rustication matter, yet not today. The arrangement advises the peon to bring Suhani’s paper and advises Ranveer to ask for assuming he wants anything in future rather entering his office like that, else he should call his dad once more.

Ranveer’s dad has requested a present for Ranveer. He trusts Ranveer likes it. He reviews his impolite conduct with him. Mamta calls him for tea. He advises her to show Ranveer how to act in broad daylight. Mamta says, I will converse with him, yet have tea until further notice. She offers him the cup. He pushes her hand and tea falls on her hand. She gets scorched. He takes out his cloth and cleans his own hand rather helping Mamta. He tells Mamta, I host saved a gathering for Ranveer. Tell to him to go to it and act well. Try not to ridicule a family work. Opposite side, Ansh lets Rocky know that it’s the ideal opportunity for festivity as I ruined Ranveer’s a major satisfaction. He sees the cake and composes, cheerful misery to Ranveer, on it. He says, Ranveer planned to observe Suhani’s prosperity, yet presently they will commend his loss. Ranveer is as yet considering how Suhani fizzled.

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