Shubharambh 23rd Mar 2020 Episode Written Update (23/3/2020)


Shubharambh 23rd March 2020 Written Episode Update, Colors Tv Serial “Shubharambh 23 March 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Raja Gives Away His Shop To Gunvant

Air Date: 23 March 2020

Full Written Update: Shubharambh 23/3/2020 Episode Start with Phupha tells the family that Gunvant believes Raja to be the owner of the shop, he keeps the family together. Mehul chuckles and says we work like asses and Raja is the ruler? He uncovers to Gunvant that we should transform into his employees?

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Hitank says I have locked in on this shop, I married a youngster that I couldn’t have cared less for, I gave up my life for this shop and we don’t have an offer. Mehul says we are wastes of time.

Hitank says I should have tackled my business anyway I left behind my life for this. Gunvant figures Raja will give this shop to me hearing all that. Gunvant demands that his youngsters quit saying all that, I didn’t require my family to break, I was unable to think less about the will. This shop has a spot with this family.

Mehul says then why our names are not created? Hitank shouts that we have locked in yet Raja is Dhanraj’s youngster so he has it? Asha says Raja has locked in also and fathers give their wealth to their youngsters. Mehul says Hitank is right,

I won’t be a specialist to Raja, I won’t go to the shop. Rani stows away and thinks they are blackmailing Raja. Gunvant says Raja keeps we all identical, he is a kid to me and Raja has regarded me as a head reliably, he will in future unreasonably right? Raja looks on. Rani stows away and says don’t capitulate to his tricks.

Gunvant cries and says don’t break this family while I am alive. He tumbles down. Raja races to him and says I was unable to think less about the will, you have done a lot for us. He prompts the family that I have to give this shop to Gunvant. All are staggered. Gunvant says what are you saying? Rani shouts Raja. All are dazed to see her.

Rani says they are lying Raja. Raja stops her and says you are ill-advised, we hurled you out and you are still here? If you care for me, by then listen to me, you ought to be happy to hear that I am the owner of this shop anyway you won’t be bright any more.

Rani says listen to me please… Raja says enough, today I will talk and you will talk. Today, I Raja as an owner gives my shop to Gunvant. Gunvant grins. He says no,

I need you to keep this shop. Raja says this will doesn’t have any kind of effect, I need congruity at the present time. Asha demands that Raja think before taking a decision. Raja says Gunvant has the option to be the pioneer of the shop and that is definitive.

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Gunvant says if you are requesting, by then I can’t express no. He grasps him and smiles. Raja tells Hitank and Mehul that you both are owners of the shop. He grasps Hitank. Gunvant accepts that Rani can’t win against me. Rani frowns at him.

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