Shubharambh 16th Mar 2020 Episode Written Update (16/3/2020)


Shubharambh 16th March 2020 Written Episode Update, Colors Tv Serial “Shubharambh 16 March 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Rani Comes Outside The House

Air Date: 16 March 2020

Full Written Update: Shubharambh 16/3/2020 Episode Start with Rani says please rub my feet. Kirtida says Asha you go Raja must need something. Asha says he needn’t waste time with anything. I am not going wherever. I won’t see this view again. Rani says please moti mummy. Get a move on. Kirtida needs to ply Rani’s feet. She is irate. Kirtida says I will break all of your courses of action. Rani gives her thumb down. Kirtida says maladroit Raja ate the kheer and I expected to work her feet. I am so enraged. Gulwant says did you snap this image? She says yes I figured this could be useful. Gulwant says we will ambush someone close to her. Attacking her didn’t work. Kirtida says I didn’t get it. Gulwant says you will.

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Rani says I can’t see Raja upset. She says yet I have to reveal them moreover. She hears Utsav there. He says I have to meet Rani once. Mehol says I won’t let you go into the house. Rani says they’re doing this to get me out of the house. Gulwant says to save her kin she will turn out. Utsav says Rani they aren’t letting me meet you. Rani says get back I am fine. Utsav says you get back I am fine. They are inducing you. Mehol says what will you do to head inside? Hit me? Kirtida says you did well by sending Raja to take the drugs. Mehol hits Utsav. He picks a bar. Mehol and his youngsters hit Utsav. Rani says Mehol don’t do this. Do whatever it takes not to hit him. they all hit Utsav. Rani says don’t do this. She yells and cries. Rani runs first floor. Utsav’s head is biting the dust.

Rani’s feet start kicking the bucket. She goes to the portal. Rani surveys her assurance. Rani says if I step out they will win. Rani says mercifully don’t do this. Mehol and his youngsters keep hitting Utsav. Kirtida says to stop it you should step outside. Gulwant says we will check whether she breaks her swear on Raja or extra her kin. Keep your camera as well. You can never know our existence. These are such guileless games. Kirtida says would you go to police? You unquestionably acknowledge who is legitimately in police’s eyes. Rani takes off to save Utsav. She grasps him. Rani says are you okay. Mehol hits Rani. Rani holds the post. Mehol endeavors to hit her again. Raja comes there and holds the bar. Raja hits Mehol’s youngsters.

Mehol says what’s happening here. Raja is going to hit Mehol. Kirtida says no Raja. Mehol says he hit me first. Raja says his condition shows who hit who. Continue to apologize. Mehol says sorry. Raja says bring crisis treatment box. Kirtida says he proceeded wrong time. Gulwant demands that everyone leave. Rani says for what reason did you do this. She endeavors to clean his physical issue with saree. Raja says don’t. I will make defilement. Utsav says you promised you will manage my sister. I see how you’re managing her. You married her. She is your obligation. She has persevered through such a lot of taking into account every one of you and me. Mehol gives crisis treatment to Raja. Raja says I am mortified by what Mehol did at this point you leave.

Rani says wouldn’t you have the option to see they organized everything to show me out?? I said they can’t show me out. In this way, they did this to my kin so I end up sparing him and I did. I have to come inside the house yet with you. Will you hold my hand and take me inside the house? Raja says what trust? Utsav you said right she did a ton anyway for her expectations. I can’t trust in you any more. I am lamented about what happened to Utsav anyway that doesn’t change your mistakes. I can’t excuse you go from here. He shuts the portal on her. Rani is crying. Raja sits inside with the gateway. Theyr audit their wedding. Rani is crying.

Rani says Utsav would you say you are okay? Utsav says he didn’t do right. I won’t let him live in amicability. Negligence this and continue forward. You will find someone else. I won’t let you live along these lines. Gulwant says you will find another youngster. Asha says you persevered through this because of me. I was my blunder. Kirtida says I won’t let her come around this house. Raja says I will get authoritative reports made. Rani says I won’t let this marriage end. I will never forsake this relationship. Utsav says you’re captivated. Rani says shut up. He says what’s straightaway? Rani says in heart I will tell the truth with him.

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Raja breaks things out of dissatisfaction. He audits what happened. He looks in the mirror and sees Rani. Raja breaks the mirror. He says for what reason did you do this? Why? You can’t understand the value the associations. I valued you so much and you broke my trust. He plunks down crying. Kirtida and Gulwant check. Kirtida says she is no more. I will give parsad. She shuts the passage. Someone hits a coconut on the portal. Rani comes there in a rickshaw. Everyone looks at her.

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