Shivsena leader said about Ajan competition, BJP said – they prefer green color not saffron


Pandurang Sakpal, head of Shiv Sena’s South Mumbai unit, while interviewing an Urdu newsportal, said that he feels the voice of Azan sweet so there should be a children’s competition. To this, the BJP reacted objecting and said that they like green color rather than saffron.

Sakpal said, ‘Very few people have problems with Azan. It has so much sweetness that you can listen for hours. The idea in my mind is to keep Aztan’s competition for children. How they give ajana, how is the pronunciation, reward after testing it. The Shiv Sena will bear the cost.

BJP became the attacker after this video of Shiv Sena went viral. BJP spokesperson Atul Bhatkhalkar said, ‘Shiv Sena has left the saffron flag and wants to appease the Muslims for power. He started liking green color, not saffron. Owaisi must have been ashamed to see this form of Shiv Sena. Let us know that Shiv Sena has been opposing Azan and the prayer on the road. However, the coalition government has compromised on many things.

The Shiv Sena leader took the Uteron after a sharp attack by the BJP. Giving clarification, he said, ‘Muslim organizations were talking about the competition of Azan. We have no intention of doing anything like this. In 2019, Sakpal contested from Mumbadevi, a Muslim-dominated region. He said, ‘This was just a suggestion for the Muslim delegation. He said that because of corona, children are not going to school and walking in the streets, then we advised to compete.


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