Shaurya Chakra winner Balwinder Singh was cremated in Punjab with state honors, was murdered after entering the house


JNN, Tarn Taran The autopsy of Shaurya Chakra winner Balwinder Singh Bhikhiwind, who took on the terrorists, was done from the hospital in Patti, but the family refused to perform the last rites and asked the government. For a long time, the administration remained in doldrums. However, later SDM Rajesh Khullar assured to accept the demands. After this, the relatives have agreed to the rites. After this Balwinder Singh Bhikhiwind was cremated with state honors.

Balwinder Singh brought the body of Bhikhiwind directly from the family’s Patti Hospital and said that the funeral will not be done until the demands are met. Balwinder Singh’s wife Jagdish Kaur said that she has given martyrdom to the country, so giving her martyr status and giving a government job to a family member.

People sitting near the corpse of Shaurya Chakra winner Balwinder Singh Bhikhiwind. Awakening

The wife said that the safety of the entire family should be ensured and the accused should be arrested soon. Balwinder Singh’s brother Ranjit Singh said that the police and the government are not serious about the safety of the family who is combating terrorism. He said that it should also be explained why the security was withdrawn from the Shaurya Chakra winner Balwinder Singh.

Shaivya Chakra winner Balwinder Singh, the kinsman sitting near the body of Bhikhiwind. Awakening

Balwinder Singh’s daughter Paranpreet Kaur says that if her family had security, the killers would never have had the courage. We sent several emails, written applications and also met the officials, but we did not get any protection.

Former Khemkaran light MLA and SAD leader Virsa Singh came to share grief with the Valtoha family. At the same time, people expressed displeasure over the fact that the current Congress MLA Sukhpal Singh Bhullar did not reach here against. The legislators then reached Bhullar at the behest of police and civil administration officials.

Please tell, Shaurya Chakra winner Comrade Balwinder Singh Bhikhiwind was killed by two unidentified bike riders by firing bullets at seven o’clock on Friday morning. Despite being on the hit list of terrorists, the police had withdrawn their security this year. Balwinder Singh was walking outside the private school office in the lower floor of his house at seven in the morning. Then two bike riders arrived there. A young man pulled out a pistol and started firing at Balwinder Singh. Fired a total of eight rounds. Balvinder rushed to the office to rescue him. Accused fired continuously at them from behind. Due to three bullets, Balvinder Singh fell there and died. The attackers escaped through the school gate.


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