Shatrughan Sinha against censorship of OTT content, said – ‘Censorship joke in the name of hurt sentiments’


New Delhi Veteran actor Shatrughan Sinha has opposed censorship on OTT content and platforms, calling it deadly for the booming industry. Through his tweets, the senior actor said that it is not right to implement a code of moral conduct in the guise of things that hurt feelings.

Let us know that there is a debate going on for quite some time about the content being shown on OTT platforms in the country. Recently there were reports that OTT platforms would be brought under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, after which speculation about censorship of OTT content started.

Shatrughan Sinha, citing an article published in the Times of India, while reacting to possible censorship speculations, wrote: It is a joke to talk about creating a code of moral conduct under the pretext of hurting feelings. These were the OTT platforms in this difficult period of Panademic, which survived and helped us to cope with it while at home and made it stress-free. This is a cheap way of ending art and creativity by showing fear of superstition and religion. It is a flourishing industry, whose future is bright. Is it fair for some superficial and perverted thinking people to kill it? Think seriously Jai Hind.

Controversies have often surfaced regarding the content being shown on OTT. The latest case is of a suitable boy, whose scenes have created a ruckus from social media to real life. The matter has reached the police and the court. Earlier there was a lot of uproar in social media about the title of Akshay Kumar’s film Lakshmi. The film’s title was opposed to religious reasons for planting a bomb with Lakshmi. Ultimately, the makers had to change the title before the film’s release.


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