Shakti October 8 2019 Episode Written Update “Soumya Hires Arjun To Guard Heer More Stronger”

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Shakti 08/10/2019 Written Episode Update, Shakti October 8 2019 Episode “Soumya Hires Arjun To Guard Heer More Stronger” Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name : Soumya Hires Arjun To Guard Heer More Stronger

Episode Air Date : 8 October 2019

The episode begins with Heer Singh who tells Harak Singh that he will be at home and tells him not to return Gulabo. Soumya requests that she calm down. Heer says that I am advising Dadu for the truth and says that whosoever you follow, he cries. She says that I will not sit with you anymore and take Soumya with me. Mahi says that Soumya has arranged her army and provokes Harak Singh against Soumya. Soumya reviews the principal and the teacher. Heer goes to her with her siblings and says that we will get upset. Rohan sang the song Chanda Chamke…. And hit the dance floor with Heer and Soham. Heer sings in the same way … Soumya smiles and Harman obeys. The children make him his target. Soumya hugs them and grinds. Heer says that I can do anything for your smile, leave school. Soumya says that instruction is forever important and it will be in the market. Rohan

We will confirm in another school. Preeto says that it is not needed, if Heer tells Harak Singh what I request. Heer says that I have just revealed to him that I will not speak with him.

Soumya asks Heer to celebrate with Harak Singh. Heer says okay. She walks to him wearing Harman’s coat and prompts him to get some information about her. He chuckles and requests that he be less jealous. She says that she is as fierce as her father. Harak Singh says you are right. She requests that he negotiate with the Principal and asks her not to toss him outside the school. Harak Singh walks out and tells Preeto. Soumya requests that she do so. Harak Singh says that I have a condition and he tells them not to take it or leave it. Preeto says how to ignore them. Harak Singh says that Rohan and Soham are with Heer and Arjun too. He asks if they consent to his position. Heer requests that they meet. Soumya reviewed the words of Vedanta. Preeto asks Soumya not to talk. Harak Singh says I am going in. Saumya says that I agree on Papa’s condition. Harak Singh tells everyone that they will stay at home until the children return from school. The grain of Mahi. Soumya accepted his condition. Harak Singh says I will call Preeto. Arjun thinks to kidnap Heer.

Preeto asks Soumya, for what good reason did you agree with Harak Singh’s saying. Soumya says that we need to end Vedanta’s fear from Heer and says that she will take the symbol of the Goddess. She cites Vedanta’s fear of leaving Heer. Preeto says that it is great that you understand the importance of weapons. She asks him not to bargain or confiscate anything this time. Soumya says that Vedanta will not be in any position to place any condition before us. Arjun listens to them.

Harak Singh plays with Heer. Shanno advises that Soumya has specialists. Heer says that no matter where she goes in the world, I will bring her back. Prieto and Saumya grin. Arjun calls Vedanta. Vedanta says that Arjuna gets under a lot of stress from Soumya and says that this time I will catch Soumya and take her from here. He thinks Ravana will win. Soumya comes to Arjun and calls him.

Soumya comes to Arjun and offers him cash group and gems. She says that you work for cash, yet what you do is with confidence. She puts cash and jewels on the bed and advises that you need to give double protection to Heer, you will be responsible for me in the same way. Arjun says that you are not Heer’s mother, but still you are very worried for her, you are giving me your adorable and cash amount and ask why? Soumya considers Harman and says that Heer is the last care of her adorable and that she can even die for him.

Precap: Shanno takes Heer into the room and water falls on him. Preeto and Soumya find him. Shanno asks Heer to wrap himself with the towel.


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