Shakti 4 May 2021 Episode Written Update (4/05/2021)

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Shakti 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial Shakti 4 May 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Mahi Reveals Soumya And Harman’s Truth In Bad Light

Air Date: 04 May 2021

Full Written Update: Shakti 4/05/2021 Episode Start with Mahi shows Preeto what she got from Harman’s room. Preeto gets stunned seeing the photographs. Saumya leaves and Harman follows her. Nayan discloses to Virat the facts confirm that we don’t have the foggiest idea about one another yet we can in any event attempt to know one another. She advises him to share his concern. Virat says I can tell yet you will not comprehend my sentiments. At the present time I am defenseless. Nayan gets call from somebody and Virat advises her to get the call. Nayan says before marriage she needs to share about her past with Virat.

Preeto shows the photographs to Harak which Mahi gave her. Harak gets stunned seeing his photograph with Preeto. Harak asks Mahi for what good reason she looked through Harman’s room in his nonappearance. That is not respectability. Mahi says you suspect as much high of Saumya. Saumya is tricking all of you. Harman and Saumya is seeing someone. Why a more abnormal will keep Saumya’s photograph. The explanation is certain that is they love one another. Mahi says she saw them together commonly. Harak gets stunned. Harman stops Saumya saying would you say you are certain you need to uncover my reality? At that point you will not do it I’ll admit reality and will mention to them what occurred. Saumya says fine.

Nayan advises about her sibling to Virat. She says her sibling’s name is Arjun who is calling her at this moment. He is certainly not a decent individual and Kamini cut binds with him as of now. In any case, since she is getting hitched to a rich person her sibling is attempting to get in touch with her. Opposite side, Kamini additionally uncovers about Arjun to Parmeet saying she would not like to conceal anything before marriage. Simran thinks all Arjuns are con artist. She had likewise adored a person called Arjun. Arjun calls Nayan and says I simply need to apologize to you and mother. Kamini blows up and leaves to see Arjun.

Saumya asks everybody for what valid reason they are gazing at her oddly. Harak gives the photographs to Saumya and asks Harman for what valid reason he went to Saumya’s room and is keeping Harak and Preeto’s photograph with him. Preeto asks Saumya did she know Harman previously? Why she didnt advise them previously. Why she went to Harman’s room? Mahi says Preeto doesn’t trust me, I am not lying. I saw Harman and Saumya together a few times. Mahi advises Saumya to make some noise. She says to Saumya, swear on Preeto and come clean. You think of her as your mom right? Saumya says Mahi is correct. I know Harman. Mahi attempts to affront Saumya yet Saumya says its misleading statement, Mahi is advising it in incorrect way. Saumya says she never cherished another person with the exception of Harman. Preeto says I realize that yet we are simply inquiring as to why you didn’t educate us that you know Harman.

Saumya says she didn’t need them to trust Harman’s untruth. That is the reason she stayed silent. Saumya says Harman is following her from such countless days and now he arrived at home too. Mahi says irately Saumya is concealing her genuine nature. She isn’t that moronic that she won’t utter a word to Harman even after all these. Mahi yells that why all of you are not trusting me Saumya has demolished our family status. She is deluding us. Harman stops Mahi and says don’t articulate a word against Saumya any longer. Mahi asks why should you advise me? You will get rebuffed for your deed too.

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