Shakti 27th Feb 2020 Episode Written Update (27/2/2020)


Shakti 27th February 2020 Written Episode Update, Colors Tv Serial “Shakti 27 February 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Virat Insults Heer To Save Her From His Family

Air Date: 27 February 2020

Full Written Update: Shakti 27/2/2020 Episode Start with Heer inquiring as to whether a young lady turns out around evening time at that point if her qualities gets awful or her character. Virat comes and says yes. He says great house’ young ladies don’t turn out late in night. Heer is stunned and asks what are you saying? Virat says I am stating right. He says first you become a close acquaintence with me and afterward proposed me and came here. Heer says for what reason would you say you are stating this? what they will think about me? He reviews Parmeet coming infront of him. a fb is appeared. Virat says father is offending her and requests that her stop Dad.

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Parmeet says she will drag the young lady to Harak Singh’s home and afterward will affront them severely. Virat says you won’t do this? Parmeet requests that he do as she says. Fb closes. Virat asks Heer to return home and says no one will think anything. Daljeet asks what is taken care of? Heer says some misconception of the past. She empties the packs and puts teddy, dupatta and rose on the ground. Dadu takes a gander at them from window and gets heartbroken. Heer leaves. Sant Baksh and Daljeet leave from that point. Virat plunks down and picks the rose, teddy and dupatta. He reviews all the minutes they have shared. He places them all taken care of.

Dadu tells Sant Baksh that kids are consistently youngsters. Sant Baksh says he isn’t in a temperament to listen his talk. Dadu discloses to him that his kids have grown up now and reminds that he is his dad. Sant baksh says truly, yet what did I get from you? Everybody knows you as my dad and with my name. He tells that he don’t need his children to buckle down like he had worked and he needed to leave Virasat/legacy for them. Virat comes inside and goes to his room. He dumps his pack and takes out wine from the organizer. He drinks it. Gurwinder comes there and requests that he open the entryway once. Virat opens the entryway. Gurwinder takes the nourishment plate inside and sees the wine bottle there. She requests that he have nourishment.

Virat can’t and advises that he would prefer not to have anything. He asks how you are bearing their torment since such a significant number of years. Gurwinder says you will get unwell. Virat says no one thinks about me, says he would prefer not to have nourishment. Heer figures she will have nourishment and won’t be ravenous for him. She thinks he has offended her infront of all. She converses with Soumya’s photograph and requests that her return. She begins eating the nourishment and says Virat singh, I couldn’t care less about you, do anything you desire, play DJ, spend time with young ladies and so forth. She says get lost. I won’t give it a second thought and will have nourishment.

Virat is smashed and leaves room. He says congrats… .where is everybody, today is my commitment. Everybody comes there. Virat says I will do the course of action. He plays noisy music and moves, tumbles down. Sant Baksh comes there. Virat moves again and goes to Sant Baksh. He salutes him, pulls Parmeet’s cheeks and embraces Dadu. Primary sharabi melody plays… .Virat tumbles down and blacks out. Parmeet calls his name. Sant Baksh says let him be here today around evening time and requests that everybody go to their rooms. Dadu brings cover from his room and covers him. He figures I was unable to do anything for you. He likewise rests on couch. In the first part of the day, Dadu awakens and discovers Virat as yet dozing. He awakens him.

Virat asks how could I come here? Dadu says I will tell, come. Virat finds a good pace. Daljeet converses with somebody and tells that beautification stuff will be acceptable and as indicated by our status. Parmeet and Sant Baksh come there. Gurwinder gives them tea. Sant baksh requests that they make the courses of action pleasantly. Parmeet inquires as to whether D.I.G will does his advancement after marriage. Sant Baksh says yes and tells that Virat’s marriage will occur and Daljeet will have a kid then their family will be finished.

Gurwinder asks Daljeet, will I go to emergency clinic today. She requests that he reveal to Parmeet that she is setting off to her mayka for 3-4 hours. Daljeet blows up and afterward allows her to go. Parmeet requests that her take her authorization and not spouse’s consent.

Preeto does the aarti while everybody is standing. Heer goes to God to favor her so she contemplates well and composes all placement tests well. She approaches Harak Singh to get structures for her. Preeto asks would you say you are fine? Heer says yes and advises that she needs to head off to college. Shanno comes to Heer. Heer discloses to Shanno that she needn’t bother with any guidance as she has comprehended that she can’t confide in anybody now, else she will be tormented.

Sant Baksh and Daljeet go to DIG’s home. Jharna is seen boxing with DIG. Sant Baksh comes inside and says great morning Sir. Jharna grins.

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