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Shakti 26th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors Shakti 26th July 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Soumya Hiding Something From Family, Daljeet Returns

Air Date: 26th July 2021

Full Written Update: Shakti 26/07/2021 Episode Start with Harman stresses for her and says he will drop the arrangement. Saumya advises him not to do that as it’s Preeto wish to visit the sanctuary. He ought not hurt Preeto. Saumya says she will take medications and will be fine after some time. She sends them away and afterward she calls somebody saying she needs to meet him/her in a specific spot.

Parmeet asks Heer does she head off to college to recruit servants? Heer answers to Parmeet that in her nonappearance Geetu will deal with Parmeet and Geetu knows family errands as well so Parmeet will get some assistance. Heer says Geetu actually needs work and they additionally need a house help. Virat tells something similar. Geetu reveals to Parmeet she knows it all. Geetu shows food pictures to her maxim she made this and her dishes are heavenly to such an extent that it circulated around the web on the web and where she used to work beforehand they clicked photos of her dishes. Parmeet gets irritated with her nonstop quarreling. They at last recruit Geetu as their home assistance and Heer is going to show her the house yet Daljeet comes meanwhile and calls Parmeet. Everybody gets stunned to see him.

Harman advises his family that he needs to return home quickly as Saumya is unwell. Harak prods him saying he is truly stressed for his better half so he can’t sit around idly. Coming back to home Preeto sees Saumya is conversing with a person. Preeto gets amazed and advises Harman to stop the vehicle. She says she just saw Saumya. Harak says Saumya is resting and it’s Preeto’s misconception. Preeto no it’s anything but. She escapes the vehicle and goes to check Saumya. Be that as it may, Saumya stows away with the person seeing Preeto. Preeto discovers no one and discloses to her family where did Saumya go. She is certain that Saumya was here. Harak says Saumya is staying in bed home. Preeto gets confounded. They leave.

Daljeet embraces Parmeet and says he got bail as the genuine offender was Angel. Daljeet discloses to Gurwindar that he will not hurt her in future. Daljeet goes towards Heer yet Virat comes in the middle. He takes a gander at Daljeet indignantly. Parmeet reveals to Daljeet he did an unpardonable wrongdoing for which Virat and Daljeet have certain distinctions. Gurwindar apologizes to everybody for Daljeet. She says he will not recurrent the misstep once more. They ought to pardon him once and for all. Parmeet says being a mother she can excuse Daljeet however she can’t pardon him for the benefit of Virat and Heer. Virat reveals to Heer they are getting late for school. Parmeet will educate Geetu concerning the family work. Virat and Heer are going to leave however Daljeet comes before Virat. Daljeet says he excused Virat in adolescence for each off-base deed why can’t the last pardon him now. Virat says he ought to apologize to Heer for upsetting her. It’s difficult about fouling up to Virat. Virat discloses to Heer that noone will uphold their choice so they should leave. Gurwindar stops Virat.

Preeto races to see Saumya in room. She sees Saumya is resting. Saumya gets up and Preeto questions her why she returned so early. Saumya deceives her that she was taking rest, she didn’t go out. Everybody says it was Preeto’s misconception. Raavi offers prasad to Saumya. Preeto says she saw Saumya on road and it was not her dream. Harak advises Preeto to make tea. Preeto leaves the room. Harman locks the entryway and takes a gander at Saumya dubiously.

Gurwindar discloses to Virat that for what reason wouldn’t he be able to simply excuse Daljeet when he regards her sentiments. Gurwindar argues Heer saying she ought to persuade Virat to excuse Daljeet else in same house two siblings ought not remain like outsiders. Noone can remain cheerful like this. In the event that Heer pardons Daljeet, Virat will likewise do likewise. Geetu says in a joint family such contentions are normal and Heer ought not hold hard feelings. Virat advises Geetu not to give address without knowing reality.

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