Shakti 23 February 2021 Episode Written Update (23/02/2021)

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Shakti 23rd Feb 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial “Shakti 23 February 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Akshay saves Heer

Air Date: 23 February 2021

Full Written Update: Shakti 23/02/2021 Episode Start with Heer asks Isha for what reason Virat isn’t seeing her. Isha says might be, that episode left a major impact in his brain. Parmeet asks Virat where is he looking as Heer is here. Virat pushes Parmeet and searches for Heer once more. He envisions her once more. Sant Baksh says Heer is here. Virat pushes everybody out and furthermore pushes Heer out and bolts the entryway. He yells asking Heer where right? Everybody thumps on the entryway and requests that he open the entryway. Virat says Heer… .you can’t suffocate and passed on. Heer thumps on the entryway and tells that she is his Heer and returned for him. Virat asks where are you Heer? He breaks the things in the room, while everybody thumps on the entryway. Heer looks on.

Preeto and Harak Singh get back. Harak Singh inquires as to whether she believes that Heer can treat Virat. Preeto says don’t have the foggiest idea, however she got caught in the pit for what she organized the demise show. Rohan hears them and inquires as to whether their Heer is alive. He gets enthusiastic. Heer thumps on the entryway requesting that Virat open the entryway. Isha requests that Heer leave and says you are accomplished for now. Heer dismisses her hand and says where? She says I won’t go anyplace from here and inquires as to for what reason are you requesting that I go, he is my significant other. She says I left him for everybody’s bliss, and he arrived in this condition, and says on the off chance that I don’t treat him, I will end up being his blameworthy. She says I won’t leave my significant other and won’t go from here. Isha is shocked and takes a gander at Parmeet. Heer thumps on the entryway and requests that Virat open the entryway.

Dr. Akshay goes to the PS and requests that Inspector document the missing protest. He shows Heer’s pic and requests that he search her. He says Munna is the observer. Auditor calls Daljeet and illuminates him. Daljeet requests that he bring him home.

Heer requests that Virat open the entryway and inquires as to whether she is seeing his condition, says you need me to leave him in this condition. Virat yells Heer.

Rohan asks Preeto, for what reason did they conceal this reality from him and says for what reason did you send her there. He says they will utilize Heer for Virat’s treatment and afterward toss her out. He says he will proceed to bring her back. Preeto says neither you nor we will go. He says we had made her dance as a manikin and says currently let her take her own choices. She says Heer can’t leave Virat in this condition, we should see where predetermination takes her. Rohan embraces him.

Sant Baksh requests that he open the entryway. Parmeet cries. Heer additionally requests that he open the entryway. She considers experiencing the window and leaves the house. All of a sudden Inspector brings Dr. Akshay to Sant Baksh’s home. He says this is Akshay ji and he recorded the grievance. Heer comes out and sees the line. She moves up the line. Akshay asks Inspector for what reason did you bring me here? Daljeet says no report will be recorded. Dr. Akshay says I am conversing with you so pleasantly and you are getting out of hand with me. Sant Baksh says I am DSP and this is my child Daljeet, an Inspector. Akshay says Heer is abducted and they are not documenting the grievance. Sant Baksh sends Inspector out and tells that Heer’s missing report won’t be documented, as I got her hijacked. Akshay inquires as to why? Sant Baksh says Heer is our bahu and this house needs her. Akshay is stunned. Virat plunks down. Heer comes inside the room through the window and takes a gander at the wrecked room. Virat says Heer got suffocated and kicked the bucket, I was unable to save her. He says my Heer don’t know swimming. Heer draws close to him and calls his name. She says I am your Heer, I have returned for you. He takes a gander at her.

Akshay says Heer had left from here, with the goal that she disappears from all of you and Virat. He says what happened that made you hijacked your bahu. Sant Baksh says it is my home matter. Akshay says DSP and Inspector are doing illicit thing. Daljeet requests that he go out and holds his collar. Akshay requests that he leave his collar and says I realize regular citizens rights. Virat takes a gander at Heer. Heer says I am your Heer, I have returned for you. Virat holds her neck and says my Heer kicked the bucket as a result of you, you didn’t allow me to save her. Parmeet yells requesting that he leave Heer. Heer says I am Heer, recall me. Parmeet gets stressed that Virat will end her life. Isha says I requested that she leave, yet she needed to remain back. Parmeet says don’t you comprehend we need to consider controlling him.

Dr. Akshay turns Daljeet’s hand. Daljeet says I will capture you. Akshay says you don’t have a clue who my mom is and who am I? He says I will simply settle on a telephone decision and will get you both suspended. Parmeet comes there and requests that Sant Baksh come, says Virat may slaughter Heer. Akshay is stunned and says if Virat will end her life. Daljeet calls somebody. Virat tosses things on Heer. Heer says I am your Heer. She gets injured. He holds a jar and is going to toss on her. She holds his hand and requests that he tune in.

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