Shakti 22 February 2021 Episode Written Update (22/02/2021)

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Shakti 22nd Feb 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial “Shakti 22 February 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Heer gets emotional seeing Virat’s condition

Air Date: 22 February 2021

Full Written Update: Shakti 22/02/2021 Episode Start with He says in the event that you both attempt to get obstacle her way, I need to discover another way. Parmeet and Sant Baksh think about Virat’s state. Parmeet says do you think about Virat? Heer says indeed, I have a deep understanding of him and that is the reason would prefer not to go in his life once more. She requests that they comprehend that she has left from his existence with much trouble and requests that they comprehend. Parmeet says you love him. Heer says indeed, I love him and that is the reason would prefer not to return in his life. She inquires as to why they need her to return in his life, when they, at the end of the day, don’t need her to enter his life once more. She inquires as to whether you don’t need your child’s bliss and requests that they let him be upbeat. Parmeet asks do you think he is glad and says he has gotten distraught. Heer is stunned and asks frantic? Parmeet says he has gotten frantic since you went and his life halted there itself. She says Virat simply takes your name 24 hours, Heer. Heer is stunned.

Dr. Akshay asks Archana and Jaggi, where is Heer? Jaggi says don’t have the foggiest idea. Dr. Akshay says the time has come to take care of milk to Kuhu, however Heer isn’t here. Jaggi says don’t have the foggiest idea and requests that Archana feed her milk and furthermore change her diaper. Archana takes Kuhu in her lap and goes. Dr. Akshay says don’t have a clue where did Heer go? Jaggi says she should be occupied in some work, as Beeji gave her much work. Parmeet reveals to Heer that whatever she saw isn’t right and tells that he isn’t fine, and Isha acts to be his better half for his treatment. Heer saw him with Isha. Parmeet asks Heer not to come in their discussions and says you knows well, how you came out from that point. Harak Singh says we are feeling awful for Virat, and will thoroughly take care of him, yet not by forfeiting you. Sant Baksh says Heer… you said that you cherishes Virat and asks how might you leave Virat in such a state. Heer reviews Virat securing her forever, his battle for his affection, reviews how she tumbled down from the scaffold. Parmeet requests that Heer accompany her and starts strolling with her. Parmeet discloses to Heer that Virat got beaten by his family and bear stones from individuals. He has gotten defiant and distraught in your affection and now enduring alone. She inquires as to whether she won’t carry out her responsibility to treat him, being his better half. Heer leaves Preeto’s hand and flees from that point. Preeto is left stunned. Parmeet grins and afterward smiles, wipes her tears. They go behind Heer.

Heer strolls out and about… tera ishq hai meri ibadat plays… .Heer requests that auto stop, yet the driver don’t stop. Heer says I am coming Virat. Parmeet and Sant Baksh come there in van and requests that she sit. Preeto asks Heer not to go with them and requests that she accompany them. Heer sits in the van and goes. Harak Singh says what did you do Heer? Preeto says she had cherished and everybody takes care of adoring somebody. She says Harman-Soumya had additionally addressed the cost of cherishing one another. She says how her life will change from here, I am stunned.

Sant Baksh and Parmeet bring Heer home. Heer gets down and races to head inside. She tumbles down and gets up. She steps on the wrecked pot pieces and harms her feet. She ventures inside the house and calls Virat… Isha takes a gander at her. Virat likewise hears her and says Heer… Isha goes down to see her.

Heer ventures inside with her harmed feet and her foot effects are had on the floor with her blood. Gurwinder and Daljeet come there. Heer yells and asks where is Virat. Isha signs at the room. Heer hurries to the room. Parmeet and Sant Baksh come inside. Isha reviews Parmeet telling that Heer can’t return in Virat’s life until she is alive. Parmeet asks her not to stress and says Heer will be here, until my child gets fine. Heer goes to Virat’s room and sees him attached to the bed. Tera Ishq Hai… .plays… ..He reviews Virat calling her heavenly messenger of his life for completely changing him. She cries seeing his state. Tu hello there mera khuda plays… ..

She opens the rope and liberates his hands. She keeps her hand on his brow and kiss him. Her tears fall all over and he opens his eyes. He says you are here. Heer grins. Virat sits. Tera Ishq Hai plays… ..He takes a gander at her… Their marriage and their minutes are appeared. He inquires as to whether she will leave him once more. Heer says I won’t ever leave you and embraces him. Tu hello mera khuda plays… … Parmeet and Sant Baksh come there and see them embracing. Isha, Gurwinder and Daljeet additionally come there. They all grin thinking Virat is fine. Isha gets vexed. Heer says sorry Virat, I am liable for your condition, I believed that I will give you bliss on the off chance that I disappear from you, however I gave you distresses. She is sorry to him and says sorry.

Dr. Akshay goes to the industrial facility and gets some information about Munna? Munna sees him. Akshay inquires as to whether Heer came here? Munna says no. Akshay says then where did she go? Munna says if the hooligans seize her. He tells that she hooligans were looking through her and says on the off chance that they hijacked her. Jaggi hears them. Dr. Akshay gets strained. Virat envisions Heer requesting that he save her and advises that he needs to proceed to save his Heer. Parmeet says Heer is with you, take a gander at her. Virat envisions Heer and says I need to save my Heer, she is suffocating. Heer is stunned. Virat takes a gander at the window. He sees Heer crying..Heer tells that she had suffocated infront of him, however was alive. She says everybody needed us to separate and that is the reason she left. Virat pushes her and says my Heer is there.

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