Shakti 21 July 2021 Episode Written Update (21/07/2021)

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Shakti 21st July 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial Shakti 21 July 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Virat catches Doctor’s lie

Air Date: 21 July 2021

Full Written Update: Shakti 21/07/2021 Episode Start with Heer asks Virat, in the event that he will get to know her. Virat reviews Heer declining to turn into his companion without any problem. A fb is shown. Virat asks Heer, why out of nowhere? He inquires as to whether she needs to become a close acquaintence with him as he saved Guru’s life. Heer requests that he think like this and says you are acceptable and saves even foes. She says companions? Virat says yes. Master says our fellowship is solid at this point. He says Virat and Heer are our gangsters and everybody will see our companionship. He takes selfie with Virat, Heer and others.

Heer and Virat get back home from school. Heer reveals to Virat that Harman Singh said not to go to Gulabo’s capacity. Virat says there should be some explanation. They discover the floor screwed up. Gurwinder comes there. Virat asks her for what valid reason the things are screwed up on the floor. Gurwinder inquires as to for what reason are you asking, when Papa ji called, you didn’t trouble. Heer asks how did this occur? Gurwinder tells that Mummy ji blew up as though somebody is broken inside her and hurt herself while wrecking the things. She says Papa ji went for a crisis, and we need to go to medical clinic now.

In the emergency clinic, Virat gets some information about Parmeet. Specialist says nothing can be said. Gurwinder prevents Virat from meeting her and shows the phony reports, and tells that she has coronary illness. Virat peruses and is stunned. Heer heard their discussion. Gurwinder causes Virat to feel regretful. Heer inquires as to for what reason are you making him liable and says I heard you both talking. She says I educated Virat. Gurwinder says so you was the person who harmed his brain. Virat says enough, I need to meet Maa. Gurwinder requests that he see Mummy ji from window sheet of the ICU. She says Mummy ji’s hand was draining a lot and she has heart issue as well. Virat laments and feels regretful of his doings. He inquires as to whether something will happen to Maa. Heer says she will be fine. Gurwinder reveals to Virat that she doesn’t have a clue why specialist deceived him. Heer says let Mummy acquire cognizance and afterward converse with her. She asks him not to feel regretful and requests that he accompany her and sit, tells that she will bring water for him. Dr. Singh sees Heer and inquires as to whether she is Virat’s better half. Heer says you are here. Gurwinder sees them. Specialist says I work here. Gurwinder asks Virat, if Heer knows this specialist from previously. Virat says no. Gurwinder harms his brain and tells that it seems like Heer knows her from previously. She comes out and asks Dr. Singh what she was conversing with Heer. Dr. Singh says easygoing discussion. Gurwinder says I need to know for my Mummy ji. Dr. Singh deceives Gurwinder that Heer requested that she do her Saas’ examination and tell that she has no ailment. Virat hears her and says you are lying.

Dr. Singh says don’t trap me, I am as of now caught. She says I disclosed to Heer that I have done what she requested that I say. Virat says alright, accompany me and talk infront of her. Gurwinder says we will not do tamasha in emergency clinic and signs Doctor. She says I will bring Heer. Dr. Singh gets strained. Parmeet sits on the bed as she is acting to be oblivious. Heer comes out and asks Virat for what valid reason he called her. Virat says Dr. Singh said that you requested that she lie to me. Heer asks what do you think? Virat says I am not questioning you, simply illuminating me. Parmeet watches out from the window. Dr. Singh tells again that Heer called her and requested that she tell that Parmeet is fine. Heer calls Harman. Harman hears Dr. Singh lies. Virat asks when did Heer call you? Dr. singh says 10 mins after you called me. Virat requests that she show the call list. Specialist frenzies and shows the telephone. Virat couldn’t track down Heer’s number. He says I realize that my Heer won’t ever deceive me and she stresses for me and my family, more than herself. He says your falsehood is gotten, so now come clean. He asks who requested that you lie? Parmeet figures this specialist may uncover me. Harman and Soumya hear accessible if the need arises. Dr. Singh says I got Angel’s call and she requested that I do this. She says she undermined me and I got terrified. Heer thinks Mummy ji utilized Angel’s name to secure herself. Gurwinder tells that Dr. Singh will be taken care of by her dad, as he has the ability to drop Dr’s permit. Dr. Singh sits in vehicle and leaves. Harman closes the call and says for what reason don’t they let Heer and Virat live calmly. Soumya stops him and says Virat trusts and supports Heer. They will gain proficiency with the worth of their relationship, give them some time, they can deal with. Harman says indeed, I can comprehend, they are on the same way where we were previously.

Virat asks Gurwinder for what good reason Angel needs to isolate us, she needs to kill us. He says something isn’t right without a doubt. Gurwinder says indeed, you said right, what Angel will get by isolating you both. We will converse with her once more. Virat says gives up and converse with her. Gurwinder stops him and says my dad will deal with her. Heer says you offered right guidance to us. Virat says gives up and ask Dr. Singh. Heer figures Mummy ji will stop us by one way or another.

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