Shakti 18th Oct 2019 Episode Written Update (18/10/2019)

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Shakti 18th Oct 2019 Episode Written Update, Shakti October 18, 2019 Episode “Soumya Stops Harak Singh From Shooting Vedant” Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name : Soumya Stops Harak Singh From Shooting Vedant

Episode Air Date : 18 October 2019 (18/10/2019)

The Episode starts with Harak Singh shooting at Vedant. Vedant moves away and picks the gun which Soumya had brought and aims gun at her. He threatens to kill Soumya. Harak Singh asks him to kill her and recalls Harman’s love for her. Vedant pushes Soumya and runs away. Harak Singh comes back and scolds Soumya for her loyalty for Vedant. Soumya says she never wanted him to get his hands soaked with Vedant’s blood and says she loves her family more than she hates Vedant. Heer asks Preeto where is Soumya? Harak Singh tells Soumya that he will handle Preeto and asks her not to enter house with Rohan and Soham. He leaves. Vedant calls her and threatens her talking about Heer. Heer calls her and asks when she is coming? Soumya says she is coming there. She runs to Harak Singh and tells that Vedant threatened

to do something to Heer. Harak Singh says if something happens to Heer then I will kill Vedant. She asks him to let her stay in the house. Harak Singh refuses. Soumya tells that Vedant will not do anything to Heer when Rohan is with her. She tells that Rohan and Soham will get their dada and dadi and I will get my sasural. She requests him to let her stay in the house. Harak Singh goes from there nodding his head. Soumya gets happy and thanks him.
Soumya comes to Saya and tells that she needs her help to catch Vedant. Saya says she came from the outer world and tells that they don’t do outsiders’ work for free. She says we tell our stories to kinnar so that they think us as her family and this house as ours. She asks her to bring heer to their house and make her meet them. The kinnars ask Soumya to bring Heer here and says we will play with her. Soumya goes. Saya says she has realized that I asked so much from her, which she will not agree. She then asks them to catch Vedant and handover him to Police. A kinnar says you refused to help Soumya and now asking us to catch him. Saya tells that Heer’s protection is needed as she is Harman’s blood and Soumya’s life. She tells Chameli that she wants Heer to meet them so that when she comes to know about her truth, she don’t get shattered.

Harak Singh comes home. Preeto asks if he is having an affair. Harak Singh asks what you will do if Vedant escapes from jail. Preeto says she will kill him. Harak Singh tells her that he went to kill Vedant, but Soumya stopped him. He says Soumya wants to protect him and she is with him. Preeto thinks she has a liking for Vedant and asks Soumya angrily, where did she go? Soumya says if Papa ji would have killed Vedant then he would have been jailed. Preeto says she can stay without her husband if he goes to jail and asks why she cares for them when they don’t care about her. She asks her to go to kids and says they are waiting for you. Soumya goes to room and finds them sleeping holding each other hands. She gets happy and recalls Saya asking her to bring Heer there, says they are her naniyal and they want to play with her.

Soumya tells the kids that before school, they will go somewhere. Saya asks the kinnars to go and take nek from Kapadia. Chameli comes and tells that Soumya asked them to meet in the temple. She asks them to go and meet Soumya first and then come to Kapadia house. Soumya tells the kids to stop at the temple. She asks the kids to give the things to kinnars. Heer gives something and the kinnar blesses her. Heer thanks her. Soham looks at them. Soumya asks what happened. They ask if he is Soham and says he has grown up. Soumya tells Saya that she made kids meet kinnars so that they can understand them and their emotions, identity etc. She says they have mingled with them. She says when Heer grows up then she will not hate herself like me. She says I will try to make them meet you. A kinnar asks soham to come near her. Soham says you are bad and puts sand on her face. Soumya and others are shocked.

Precap: A photographer is taking the kids. Vedant comes wearing Burqa and lifts Heer. Soham asks him to leave his sister. Preeto asks him to leave her, when he pushes her down and runs away with Heer.


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