Shakti 13 July 2020 Episode Written Update (13/7/2020)


Shakti 13th Julych 2020 Written Episode Update, Colors Tv Serial “Shakti 13 July 2020 Written Update”on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Virat And Heer Yearn For Each Other

Air Date: 13 July 2020

Full Written Update:

Shakti 13/7/2020 Episode Start with Nutan going to Saya’s home and gets some information about Soumya. She requests that they stop Soumya till marriage. Saya comes there and hits on her head. Nutan swoons. Saya tells the kinnars that Soumya has come, I won’t let Nutan block Soumya’s work. She requests that they take Nutan to room and calls Soumya. She advises her that Nutan and numerous others are looking through her, however she won’t let anybody stop her. She says I am with you and requests that her accomplish her work. Heer comes out of room and converses with the moon. She requests that the moon tell if the woman was Gulabo or not. She thinks why she isn’t coming back again and checks the time, it is 2 am. Heer goes to the lobby and hangs tight for Soumya, it is 3 am. She comes out of house. Tera ishq hai meri ibadat plays.Heer thinks Gulabo more likely than not stop at this point and thinks on the off chance that she isn’t Gulabo. She thinks whoever she will be, she will originate from this entryway. She returns inside again and thinks to get her.

Rohan comes to lobby and sees Heer setting off to her room. She looks down the window and thinks to sit tight for her. She stands by the entire night and dozes. Rohan comes there and covers cover on her. He comes out. Rohan says he is holding back to meet Soumya. Preeto says it is late now, I don’t believe that she will come. Soumya comes there and keeps a few presents and envelope on the entryway. Rohan brings the water container and provides for Preeto. Preeto requests that he rest. Rohan says alright. He comes out and gets the woman. He gets stunned and leaves her hand. In the first part of the day, Preeto says she left letter once more. Heer peruses the letter that she is restoring her things, will be close to her until her marriage and afterward will leave for eternity. She gets stunned and says my Gulabo can’t coerce me inwardly. Rohan opens the crate and discovers teddy, clatter, and so on. He says in what manner can these stuff will be with another person, she was Soumya Mami as it were.

Soham says why she isn’t coming infront of us, what is the issue? Heer says precisely, I can’t accept. Rohan says she was Soumya Mami possibly, regardless of whether you in all honesty. Heer opens the crate and finds the boxing gloves.Preeto gets Parmeet’s call. Parmeet tells that she has sent mehendi architect and she will just apply mehendi. Preeto says Heer will put forth a concentrated effort. Parmeet says mehendi and different things will be as per our class, so she has sent uncommon mehendi creator. A woman in cloak comes there. Preeto says she has reached. She goes to Mata Rani to do some supernatural occurrence. She discloses to Heer that Parmeet has sent mehendi originator and requests that the woman apply it. Heer requests that her come inside, till she keeps the stuff inside. Soham requests that her stop and tells that they will keep her stuff inside. He requests that the woman clean her hands first and afterward apply mehendi to Heer. Heer gives her sanitizer. The woman sterilizes her hands and starts appling mehendi to her.

Rohan discovers Heer’s fifth birthday celebration dress in the case and shows to Soham. He gets enthusiastic taking a gander at the boxing gloves, teddy and so forth. Soham says she was unable to rest without teddy. Heer additionally considers Soumya and thinks back her. The woman in cloak cries under the cover and her tear drops fall on Heer’s hand, yet the last doesn’t comprehend. The woman gets some information about her significant other’s name and asks where is the washroom. Heer demonstrates her approach to restroom. The woman heads inside. Other woman comes there and asks where is the lady of the hour? Preeto asks who right? The woman says DSP’s better half has sent me to apply mehendi to the lady.

Soham says where did she go? Heer and others race to the washroom. They return. Rohan says she more likely than not left at this point. Heer discovers her anklet and shows to Preeto and others. Tu hello there mera khuda plays. The mehendi originator requests that they state, who is the lady of the hour? Heer requests that her come later? Preeto says Parmeet sent her. Heer demands to converse with Virat and disclose to him that she would prefer not to apply mehendi now. Preeto asks what is the show? She says Soumya must feel terrible that you have picked Virat over her. Heer asks would you say you are glad to see me in situation? Harak Singh says what Soumya may be thinking, that her affection was not adequate for you.


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