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Shakti  12th August 2021 Written Episode Update ,Colors Tv Shakti  12th August 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.

Episode Name: Heer Goes Against Virat For Gitu’s Justice

Air Date: 12th August 2021

Full Written Update:Shakti  12/08/2021 Episode Start with Preeto tells Saumya have you gone distraught. How could Raavi stay with Balwindar. Saumya says Raavi needs to profess to help Balwindar for one day to execute the arrangement. Virat contends with Heer why she again went under Kitu’s impact. Heer says Kitu didn’t deceive us. Daljeet isn’t guiltless and Gurwindar was additionally attempting to educate her regarding him yet she met with the mishap. Virat gets hyper and says he can’t comprehend why Heer is doing this.

Sant asks him for what valid reason is he causing a situation. Heer says Gurwindar will come clean tomorrow. Daljeet says when he is blameless what does Heer need now. Heer says Gurwindar will clear everything subsequent to acquiring awareness. Heer calls Daljeet offender. Virat stops Heer and says that’s the last straw, You can’t fault my sibling any longer. I’ll satisfy an obligation of a sibling. You reserve no option to fault my sibling without verification. Heer says Virat ought distrust Daljeet, he will lament later.

Kitu and her dad are going to go into Virat’s home however Parmeet stops them. Parmeet asks Heer for what valid reason they came here. Heer says Daljeet compromised Kitu and her dad that they will get killed in the event that they don’t leave the town. So she took them here. Parmeet says Kitu and her dad can’t remain here, if Heer has issue she can likewise leave with them. Virat advises Parmeet not to talk like this. Parmeet says Heer is a kinnar still she acknowledged her and Virat’s marriage however Heer isn’t appreciative in any way. Heer says on the off chance that Parmeet has issue with her, she will leave with Kitu and will uphold her. Heer goes to pack her baggage. Virat goes to converse with her.

Heer sees her wedding photograph and gets enthusiastic. Virat comes in and Heer discloses to Virat where his stuffs are kept in room. Virat pulls her nearer and inquires as to for what reason is she leaving. Heer says she doesn’t need him to conflict with his mom. He doesn’t need to pick between his significant other and his mom. Heer says she can’t remain very, she will serve equity to Kitu at any expense. To win the battle she needs to leave. Virat says she isn’t accomplishing any extraordinary work by leaving. Heer says yet she doesn’t need Virat to confront any further issues. She will be back soon. They tell that they will miss one another. Heer is going to leave and Virat holds her dupatta. She liberates her hand and a fantasy succession is seen where Heer and Virat are getting to know each other. They get heartfelt and Heer embraces Virat. Heer runs from him and Virat pursues her. They get isolated and get enthusiastic.

Kitu says Heer has no issue in it. Parmeet reprimands Kitu saying she would not like to converse with her. Heer comes and says Kitu can’t persuade Parmeet as she isn’t prepared to tune in. Virat reveals to Heer he can’t remain without her. Heer guarantees him she will return soon. Heer takes favors from Sant and Parmeet yet they don’t respond. Heer lights the candle close to house sanctuary and says she is going for a crucial work and appeals to matarani for that.

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