Shadow Karkanath Murga acts as an immunity booster during lockdown


Gwalior: Karkanath chicken was the most eaten in the lockdown due to corona virus. The District Agriculture Science Center and its affiliated poultry farmers sold 5600 Karkanath chickens in just two and a half months. Under normal circumstances, about 400 chickens were sold during this period.

Breeding of Karaknath chickens had started in the district about three months ago. Sales of Karkanath chickens were not high before the lockdown but when rumors spread that ordinary chickens could be infected with the virus, sales skyrocketed.

According to scientists at the Center for Agricultural Sciences, Karaknath is rich in nutrients. The ability to fight these diseases is high. Therefore, it is not infected and increases the ability of people to fight diseases. There are 90 poultry farmers affiliated to the Agriculture Center of the district who raise and sell Karkanath chickens.

Karaknath chickens have more protein than the rest. It is also low in cholesterol. The meat of these chickens is rich in various amino acids. Vitamins B-1, B-2, B-6, B-12, C and E are also found more than other breeds.


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