Shaadi Mubarak 24 February 2021 Episode Written Update (24/02/2021)

Shaadi Mubarak Written Updates

Shaadi Mubarak 24th Feb 2021 Written Episode Update, Star Plus TV Serial “Shaadi Mubarak 24 February 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: KT brings a good news for Preeti

Air Date: 24 February 2021

Full Written Update: Shaadi Mubarak 24/02/2021 Episode Start with Preeti getting some information about Purti’s mom while Purti answers that she is no more. Preeti questions if her name was Pushpa? To which Purti takes a gander at her dubiously. She gets up questioning Preeti and states her to be a covert agent. She gets frightened of Preeti and chooses to leave from that point when Preeti uncovers that Purti’s mom is her family member thus Purti is her cousin sister. Around then an attendant comes inside. Purti glares her while Preeti request that she carry on appropriately.

Attendant disclosed to Preeti that specialist have sended the structure advicing Preeti to converse with her relatives for surrogacy. Preeti gestures while Purti misjudged her and faults that she have welcomed her here to run tests on her so she can convey Preeti and her better half’s youngster! Preeti attempts to clear her misconception yet Purti leaves from that point saying that she will restore Preeti all her cash.

As Preeti goes out police monitor requested that she sign on certain papers. He told how Preeti saved Purti from stumbling into difficulty. He clarifies her how thugs captured Purti and was taking her to sell across the boundary when Preeti detected her and called the police to help.

Purti gets overpowered by Preeti’s temperament and runs back to the medical clinic room. She sees Preeti sitting on the bed with weepy eyes and embraces her firmly. She is sorry for not confiding in her and thnaks her for the assistance (Emotional tune plays) She expresses that everybody have utilized her for their own advantage and that is the reason she seldom trust any longer.

She adulates Preeti’s aiding and benevolent nature and states that she will end up being her proxy. She guarantees Preeti to convey her and KT’s youngster while Preeti embraces her with mournful eyes and said thanks to her. Purti says that she initially need to converse with her Guruji about it as she don’t do anything without examining it from him while Preeti gestures.

Neelima continues to call specialist to think about Preeti’s report when Shivraj spots Neel and ask him that for what good reason he have taken 3 lakhs rupees from the financial balance? To which he answers that he will tell later.

Neelima comes there and request that he tell the explanation. Priyanka comes there and doesn’t care for the manner in which they addresses Neel. Neel says that he brought a present for Priyanka for their first month commemoration and that is the reason he have taken the cash. Priyanka takes a gander at him while Shivraj goes from that point.

Neelima calls the specialist while she at last gets it. She get some information about Preeti’s report. At the time Preeti likewise gets inside the house and hears Neelima’s discussion. She stresses over specialist coming clean to Neelima and goes before her.

Neelima gets stunned as specialist tells that Preeti can’t consider and says that she have just examined about the reports with Preeti. Neelima cries while Preeti attempts to quiet her. Neelima addresses her that why she can’t turn into a mother? To which Preeti chuckles and says that she was messing with her. She lies about her reports while Neelima says that now she is simply hanging tight for the infant.

KT comes there enthusiastically and holds Preeti’s hand. He discloses to her an uplifting news that she will get bussiess ladies’ honor. Neelima gets glad while KT embraces Preeti. She cries in his hug and decides herself to favor him with a child at any rate.

Purti composes Preeti and London on her palms and request that her Guruji cause her to pick in the middle of them. She turns the jug and afterward opens her eyes. She grins saying that she found the solution.

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