Shaadi Mubarak 23 January 2021 Episode Written Update (23/01/2021)

Shaadi Mubarak Written Updates

Shaadi Mubarak 23rd Jan 2021 Written Episode Update, Star Plus TV Serial “Shaadi Mubarak 23 January 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Arjun and Tarun apologized to Preeti. Stay tuned With us ..

Air Date: 23 January 2021

Full Written Update: Shaadi Mubarak 23/01/2021 Episode Start with KT saving Arjun from Nandini. He gets angry on her colloquialism that he and Preeti have acknowledged Arjun as their child from the heart, He proclaims to keep Arjun with him while Nandini scowls at him. Preeti faces Nandini expressing that she got effective in saving her significant other and cautions Nandini to avoid her family. Around then Neel comes there with the police while KT and Preeti request that they capture Nandini. KT says that now Nandini will pay for her deeds while she announces that her retribution isn’t finished and she won’t allow KT to fail to remember her so without any problem. Police removes her. Preeti sees Tarun sitting in agony holding his harmed hand, She surges towards him and cries seeing his condition.

She inquire as to why he have done this? To which he says that she have beared such an extensive amount torment for him then he atleast can do this for her. He was sorry to her for every one of his slip-ups and wails in her grasp. He describes how Kususm have informed him concerning the circumstance and that is the manner by which he have came here. Everybody gets glad seeing their bond. Arjun bows down before Preeti and apologized for his deeds. He cries while she stops him and embraces him joyfully. She announces that she got both her children back while KT loves their bond.

Sneha insults Neelima that both Tarun and Arjun doesn’t have Tibrewal blood, She ask Neelima that now what she will do? While Neelima looks on. Later on Neelima prevents Preeti and KT from going into the house while they gets stunned. She says that she won’t let her inside without “Grihapravesh”, She asks sorry from Preeti for the manner in which she have treated her and expressed gratitude toward her for all that she have accomplished for KT and this house. She acknowledges Preeti as KT’s significant other fulfilling everybody.

Sneha brings the Aarti plate while Neelima performs Preeti and KT’s Grihapravesh ceremonies. The two of them gets inside in the interim Shivraj tells a few wisecracks making all snicker. Neelima request that Preeti call her as “Mother” and afterward reminds KT and Preeti about their vacation. She request that they spend at some point together while Preeti twists her head. KT changes the theme requesting that Neelima cook his number one dish.

Tarun calls Rati for encouraging him in opening the drugs while she gets goaded by him. She says that he is regarding her as a medical attendant and sick discussions about Preeti. She attempts to incite him against Preeti and admonishes him for his silliness to hurt himself to save Preeti while he slaps her hard. He took represent Preeti and reproves Rati for continually controlling him against his mom. Around then he gets Preeti’s call who get some information about his wellbeing while he says that he is fine. Rati glares him.

Neelima request that Arjun move to visitor room when KT comes there and request the explanation! Neelima attempts to concoct some rationalization yet KT didn’t concurred for it and takes Arjun with him requesting that he study. Neelima sees Preeti and calls her, She guidance her to begin her excursion with KT in another way and get some information about going to special first night with KT. She says that she have more confidence in Preeti in this issue rather then KT while Preeti gestures.

Preeti gets inside her room where KT astounds her colloquialism that he is tossing all the stuffs of Nandini. Preeti gets glad seeing him content. He says that now he will live righteous life and expressed gratitude toward her for all that she have done. She sees her packs and ask how is he doing it? To which he pronounces that from now into the foreseeable future she will get every one of her privileges and request that she keep her possessions inside the pantry while she grins

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