Shaadi Mubarak 23 February 2021 Episode Written Update (23/02/2021)

Shaadi Mubarak Written Updates

Shaadi Mubarak 23rd Feb 2021 Written Episode Update, Star Plus TV Serial “Shaadi Mubarak 23 February 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Doctor tells Preeti that she is suffering from ovarian cancer

Air Date: 23 February 2021

Full Written Update: Shaadi Mubarak 23/02/2021 Episode Start with Preeti getting inside specialist’s lodge energetically and inquiries regarding the reports. She inquires as to whether she can consider or not? To which specialist reveals to her something which stuns her profoundly. She gets weepy eyes while specialist holds her hands.

On the opposite side Sneha brings organic products for Neelima and request that she have it. She stresses over Neelima’s wellbeing while Neelima grins denying to eat reminding Sneha about her fasting. She consoles Sneha and obliges her.

Priyanka catches Neelima and Sneha’s discussion and inquire as to whether Neelima is on eating regimen? To which he laughs and answers that she is fasting to get KT and Preeti’s kid. Priyanka gets irritated seeing all the notions and states that child doesn’t conceived by fasting or changing headings of bed, Neel quiets her down and ask her let others do anything they desire.

Preeti stammers and rehashes specialist’s words. She gets panick while specialist attempts to quiet her. Preeti says that she came here to turn into a mother while specialist answers that her wellbeing is significantly more significant then a child. She expresses that Preeti is experiencing ovarian malignant growth and requirements prompt treatment. She keeps saying that Preeti have less time with her while Preeti gets stuck to her place. Preeti moves out of the lodge and strolls dormant on the passage of the medical clinic. She sits in the close by seat and separates.

On the opposite side Purti strolls out and about conveying her gear. She gets baffled and reviles her destiny. She cries as she couldn’t ready to get the cash to go to the London. She spills her dissatisfaction out on god and battles with him while individuals close by takes a gander at her. She says that her dad is a drunkard and her mom left her. She cries recalling about her darling who dumbed her and blows up on god for grabbing everything from her. She tosses stones on the sky to spill her disappointment out. She sits and cries overwhelmingly.

Preeti gets up from the seat and starts strolling. She recollects KT’s cheerful face when he was holding the infant and afterward specialist’s words rings in her ears that she can’t consider. She recalls Neelima’s assumptions and tears pours from her eyes. She strolls out and about getting all the blazes and was going to get hit by a bicycle however by one way or another got saved.

Sheena shows KT’s image with the infant while he gets hypnotized seeing it and request that Sheena send it to him. He crops Preeti and gets her image together with his. He grins brilliantly saying that it would seem that an ideal family.

Purti goes inside the sanctuary and yells at god. She cautions individuals against God and ask them not to make any wish from him. Preeti comes there and hears Purti’s tirade. Purti was going to eliminate her coin when Preeti stops her.

Purti powers to take it out while Preeti pushes her and the two of them tumbles down. Preeti demands Purti not to eliminate the it as her coin is appended to Purti’s coin. Preeti attempts to cause her to comprehend and request that she have confidence in God. Purti recalls Preeti’s face and inquire as to whether she is KT’s significant other? To which Preeti gestures and gets helped to remember Purti.

Purti get some information about Preeti’s coin, To which she shows her their coins which were joined to one another. Purti sees it and says that it’s seeming as though her fantasies are subject to Preeti. She makes a deal to avoid eliminating the coin and moves from that point. Preeti contemplates something and becomes mixed up in her musings when she hears Purti’s shout and runs towards it.

Preeti concedes a harmed Purti to the emergency clinic while when she gets concious she cries recalling how her companion had taken all her cash. She imagines that Preeti had conceded her in the clinic to take her organs and shows blade to all the staffs requesting that they move away.

Preeti comes there and quiets Purti. She causes her to comprehend and offers her juice. Preeti sees Purti’s mom’s image and becomes acquainted with that she is no more. Preeti inquire as to whether her mom was from Ajmair and her name was Pushpa? Purti takes a gander at Preeti being paralyzed.

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